All staff on site are familiar with the following:

  • The hazards associated with each task

  • The risk exposure involved

  • The control measures being used as per SWMS / Daily Risk Assessment

  • Personnel on worksite are aware of their roles and responsibilities

  • Worksite specific risk assessment conducted and recorded?

  • All persons are inducted upon entering the worksite, including auditor for this audit

  • When conditions or scope of activities change, was a revised job briefing performed and recorded

  • Overall Result


Traffic and Road Management

  • Roadway Warning Signage in Place

  • Pedestrian Management in Place

  • Access to Abutting Properties

  • Traffic Control in Place

  • Permits/Agreements from Road Management Authority Complied with

  • Overall Result

Site Management

  • Safety Management Plan available (SWMS/Daily RA) being complied with

  • Rescue kit in place for climbers

  • Competent Assistant on site

  • Suitably trained Safety Observer (Electrical) on Site for the work being carried out

  • Overall Result

Preventing Shock Paths and Uncontrolled Currents

  • Minimum Safe Approaches Maintained

  • Operators understand and Demonstrate Knowledge

  • Insulating Tools Used

  • Insulating Gloves Worn

  • Insulating Tools Clean

  • Overall Result

Test Dates

  • Insulated Sticks

  • Truck


  • 00 Insulating Gloves Worn

  • 00 Gloves Test Date

  • Spare 00 Gloves Test Date

  • Fall Arrest Harness Worn

  • Fall Arrest Harness Test Date

  • High visibility clothing worn and in good condition?

  • Appropriate Footwear Worn and in Good Condition

  • Safety Glasses Worn

  • Noise Protection used

  • All Operators wearing appropriate High Visibilty Protective Clothing and using appropriate PPE

  • All jewellery etc is removed

  • Electrical Workers Licence / ID card on site

  • Comments

  • First Aid Kit Stocked and Available?

  • PPE Comments

  • Overall Result


  • No visible defects

  • Workers and public clear of EWP

  • Drop Zone identified

  • EWP kept stationary and clear of energised conductors if a worker needs access to EWP

  • SWL not exceeded

  • Wheel chocks and dunnage in place

  • EWP not intruding into running lane

  • Battery backup operational

  • Deadman operational, not obstructed

  • Overall Result



  • Name

  • Communicates with Operator

  • Observes Operator when moving basket

  • Not performing other duties

  • Not using mobile phone

  • Observes Operator when working near apparatus

  • Knows hand signals

  • In close proximity to ground controls

  • Able to lower basket to ground for rescue

  • Only performing other duties when a ground observer is not required

  • Overall Result


  • Name

  • Performs regular checks on functionality of safety / rescue equipment

  • Safety harness attached to anchor point

  • Communicates with Ground Observer

  • Knows hand signals

  • Aware of location of energised conductors / equipment in relation to basket / boom

  • Overall Result


  • Name

  • Number

  • Class

  • Expiry


  • Name

  • Number

  • Class

  • Expiry


  • Name

  • Number

  • Class

  • Expiry

  • Comments


  • Fire Ant precautions in place

  • Oil spills managed correctly

  • Sediment control / barriers in place and used effectively

  • Site management controls in place

  • Overall Result


  • Staff have the current training for jobs performed

  • Additional training and/or detests required

  • Extra Training Required


  • Fleet number

  • Vehicle Manual

  • Washing Water / Hand Cleaner

  • Stop/slow baton x1

  • Pedestrian Sign

  • Workmen Ahead signs x2

  • Safety Cones

  • Wheel Chocks

  • Spill Kit

  • ARS handsaw

  • Rescue Tool kit

  • 20m Ropes x3

  • Chevron x1

  • Over Gloves x2

  • Safety Triangle

  • Fuel Can - Oil/ Fuel

  • Blower

  • 200T Chainsaw

  • Grease Gun

  • Wrench

  • Allen Key

Operators were observed carrying out the following tasks

  • Tasks observed

  • Other

  • All Procedures were being conformed to at the time of the Audit


  • Note Positive Observations


  • Note at risk observations

  • Observations and or recommendations

  • Immediate corrective action

  • Long term corrective action

  • Provide a sketch of the area of concern if applicable to support findings

  • Provide a sketch of the area of concern if applicable to support findings

  • Provide photo of site if applicable

  • Provide photo of site if applicable

  • Discussed with staff on site

  • Discussed with Site Supervisor

  • Audit form sent to HES Manager

  • Actions to be completed by

  • Follow up recommendations are actioned and working

  • Recommendations Actioned and Working


  • Auditor Name and Signature

  • Select date


  • Auditor

  • Date

  • Date of Original Audit

  • Fleet Number

  • Crew Names

  • Actioned by

  • Position

  • Action Required

  • Date to be completed by

  • Actioner to sign once completed and return to Auditor

  • Date

  • Auditor to sign off

  • Date

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