OH&S documentation health and safety policy

  • Health and Safety Policy clearly posted and reviewed by staff

  • Are employees aware of their responsibilities towards Health and Safety

  • OH&S area clearly posted in office/lunchroom with up to date information

  • Other observations

Exterior safety and security

  • Sidewalks clear of snow/ice

  • Emergency parking clearly marked and free of vehicles.

  • Security cameras in working order

  • Benches/tables in good condition

  • All exterior lights in working order

  • Garbage cleaned

  • Exterior doors and windows secured as necessary. Main entrance

  • Building and roof access limited to authorized personnel only.

  • Grass cut and trimmed around fences and building

  • Playground equipment inspected and in good condition

  • Any signs of vandalism/graffiti

  • Exterior doors in good working condition

  • Other observations

Main entrance

  • All lighting in working condition

  • Doors in good working condition

  • Fire map updated and easy to read

  • Fire/security panel inspected annually

  • Boot shelving in good working order

  • Sign in sheet placed in a conspicuous place with pen/pencil

  • Other observations

Main office area

  • Are work stations layout suitable

  • Is lighting adequate for work task

  • Is furniture appropriate and sound

  • Is air quality acceptable

  • Is office clean and tidy

  • Are floor coverings in good condition

  • Is there adequate ventilation around photocopiers

  • Are filing cabinet drawers kept closed when not in use

  • Are risk assessments completed for work stations/office safety

  • Visitor log/sign in with identification cards

  • Is there Visitor orientation given to visitors fire

  • Other observations

First Aid training and First Aid kits is there

  • Is there a list of all first aides on site

  • First Aiders tickets up to date and copies of tickets on site

  • Are all First Aid kits placed in conspicuous places and signage posted

  • Are monthly checks done on first aid kits

  • First Aid kit log book on site and up to date

  • Are all employees aware of First Aid kit placement within the building

  • Are first aid records kept on site

  • Monthly AED inspection s up to date and documented

  • Are all occupants aware of location of AED

  • Have there been any reportable incidents recently

  • Proper storage and documentation of medications on site

  • Other observations

Fire Safety are fire extinguishers

  • Are fire extinguishers in place and signed

  • Fire extinguisher monthly/annual inspection up to date documentation on site

  • Are fire/emergency exit signs in place

  • Fire drills conducted and documented 3 in the fall and 3 in the spring

  • Are fire exits free and clear of obstructions

  • Are fire doors shut but not locked

  • Is emergency lighting operable

  • Are staff fire trained records up to date

  • Does fire equipment appear to be in good working order

  • Fire extinguish log book on site and up to date

  • Other observations

Electrical Safety

  • Are there any broken outlets or switches

  • Are there any damaged electrical cords

  • Are there any electrical cords in walking areas

  • Are the power bars approved by CSA

  • Are there any outlet three way or six way systems used

  • Electrical panels free and clear. Minimum clearance of 36 inches in all directions

  • Are extension cords used for longer than 8 hours. Electrical cords are for temporary use only

  • Other observations

Walkways, stairs and ladders are floor areas

  • Are floor areas clean, dry and free from slip/trip hazards

  • Are walkways kept clear

  • Are stairs in good working order

  • Are handrails in place and in good working order

  • Are portable ladders in good working order and CSA approved

  • Are there work areas where fall protection is required.

  • Do fall protection areas have approved anchors and signs placed appropriately

  • Other observations

Emergency preparedness.

  • Are all emergency drills documented and on site

  • Are emergency protocols posted in a conspicuous place

  • Are emergency drills held in accordance to school policy

  • Is there a debriefing after emergency drills and documented

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