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Hot Work

  • Type of hot work being conducted:

  • SWMS and permit in place for the work being carried out.

  • Fire extinguisher located in close proximity, tested / tagged & serviceable

  • Sparks / hot metal particles fully encapsulated.

  • Is the correct PPE being worn for the task undertaken.

  • Is the welding earth positioned in close proximity to the work.

  • Welding screens and fire blankets in place.

  • Leads / hoses routed in a safe manner.

  • Grinders used accordance with procedures.

  • Are welding rod stubs collected and not left on the ground after use

  • Cylinders secured, gauges operative, flashback arresters fitted and hoses in good condition.

  • Is the area below the oxy cutting activities correctly barricaded

  • All combustible materials away from the hot work been carried out.

  • Is double eye protection used when welding or oxy cutting.

  • No welding leads stored on top of welding machine.

  • Welding leads and oxy hoses inspected and documented weekly

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