• Project description

  • Contract No. GW

  • Contractor

  • Subcontractors on site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Contractor's representative


  • 1.1 Dedicated fire watch person to be specified and responsible for the site for the duration of the hot work and for the stipulated time afterwards

  • 1.2 A dedicated fire watch person is to be on site for the duration of the hot work and for the stipulated time afterwards.

  • 1.3 Have combustibles been removed from the site or the site wet down?

  • 1.4 Dedicated fire watch person to determine when hot work area has been sufficiently cleared of combustibles.

  • 1.5 Contractor to contain all sparks to the immediate area of hot work. Is the contractor aware of this obligation?


  • 2.1 Does the area of work constitute a confined space?

  • 2.2 If poisonous or flammable fumes are produced by the hot work is the risk being properly controlled? Please comment.

  • 2.3 Is there a need for additional ventilation?


  • 3.1 Did the contractor determine if the hot work impacts on any other operation or work group activity?

  • 3.2 Did the contractor determine if area shutdown or isolation is necessary?

  • 3.3 Have areas that need to be shut down or isolated to perform hot work safely have been shut down or isolated?

  • 3.4 Personnel on site must have access to communication equipment and know the numbers to call in case of a fire. Do they?

  • 3.5 The stipulated number and type of fire extinguishers and first aid equipment is to be on site and ready for immediate use during any hot work and for the stipulated time after the hot work is completed. Is it?

  • 3.6 An adequate length of fire hose to be laid out and kept charged and ready for use for the duration of the hot work permit, and for stipulated time afterwards. Is it?

  • 3.7 The hot work site is not to be left unattended for the duration of the hot work or for the stipulated time afterwards. Is the contractor aware of this?

  • 3.8 The dedicated fire watch person is to inspect the site and declare the site to be safe for normal operations and use before the permit is returned. Has this been completed?

  • 3.9 The issuing officer to ensure that all work requirements are completed and that the work conforms with the permit requirements. Are they/ does it?

  • 3.10 Are the workers conforming to Gippsland Water’s long longs policy?


  • Picture of necessary permit obtained and written details

  • Any relevant information in regards to the permit

Additional comments

  • Add additional comments

Action Required

  • Contractor is to review the comments, and consider the recommended actions within this audit. The contractor needs to demonstrate they are complying with their obligations as an employer, what specific remedial action they propose for this site, and if any overall modifications are required to their Health and Safety Plan / safety procedures / supervision. Prompt corrective action is required to eliminate any agreed deficiencies, and any areas of disagreement need to be further explored in writing. All “failed responses” need to be addressed/resolved.


  • Gippsland Water responsible officer

  • Auditor

  • Contractor's representative

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