Sort (Organization)

  • Only have equipment, tools, supplies & materials that are needed for the job.

  • Are customer packaging stored safety and in correct locations/containers

  • Areas under desks are clear of boxes, bins and personal items.

  • Are tripping hazards and barriers excluded from the area?

  • All walls are clean, free of dirt and smudges and holes. Air vents are clean.

  • Is the work in process arranged so as to reduce travel time and other kinds of waste

  • Are paths, doorways, electrical panels, and fire extinguishers released from material and blockages

  • All postings and displays current and up to date.

Set in Order (Orderliness)

  • Are shelves clearly labelled with location

  • Are warehouse places for work in the process designated and registered

  • Are all unused vehicles and forklifts parked in the chosen area

  • Are workplaces, storage areas, and equipment surroundings precisely labelled, marked, and/or footprinted if required

  • Correct places for items are obvious & items are in their correct places.

  • All desktops, tables and shelves are clean, sorted and organized.

  • All Desktop file holders labeled for proper content and neatly organized.

  • Are all pipes, controls and gauges classified and labelled to show function or purpose

  • Shelves are only used for storage of books, files, and folders.

Shine ( Cleanliness)

  • Floors, walls, and desk sufaces are free of dirt, and excess paper work.

  • Are work surfaces clean and orderly?

  • Are machines clean, neat and in good repair

  • Floor is free of obstructions and not-slippery

  • Cleaning materials are easily accessible.

  • Is there a cleaning routine available

  • No scrap or parts are on floor or desktops.

  • Are recycling containers located as required with trash and recycling being controlled in the region

  • Are pallet positions free of empty pallets and trash

  • Are pallet locations in pick ready state

  • Are pallet locations free of hanging shrink wrap or banding

  • Lines, signs, etc., are clean and unbroken.

Standardize (Adherence)

  • Best practices, visual aides, labels, designated to keep desks clean and organized are implemented.

  • Is there an established work in place containing quality checks, and use of work stations?

  • Paper recycling bins are used. No paper is found in trash cans.

  • Items can be located in 30 seconds.

  • Are concerns constantly being reacted

  • Are Operation Standards documented, understandable and actively used

  • Are workers informed of their responsibilities

Sustain (Self-Discipline)

  • Is everyone sufficiently trained

  • There is an action item list visible, assigning responsibility for open issues.

  • Are all start-up safety checks taken and documented

  • Is everyone inside the area wearing proper personal protection equipment

  • Is daily housekeeping checklist adhered and document evidence available

  • All personal belongings are neatly stored.

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