Title Page

  • Project Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Customer Details

  • Customer Name

  • Concern person name

  • Business name: as per the ABN and EB

  • Contact number

  • Alternative contact number

  • Email address

  • ABN Number

  • Customer availability (Holiday)

Existing System Details

  • Existing System Brand

  • Existing system type (Gas/Electrical/Solar)

  • Existing System Number of unit

  • Existing System location (Inside or outside)

  • Existing system tank capacity

  • Installed Tank Serial Number

  • Existing system Kw or KPa (Data on Compliance plate)

  • Existing System Model Number

  • Existing system Image (Surrounding images Approx 4-5)

  • Meter box image

  • Hot water switch image

  • Compliance plate image

  • Relocation Surrounding image

  • Existing Plumbing Connection Photo

  • Existing Electrical Connection Photo

Plumbing and the Electrical work

  • Slab Required

  • Relocation Required

  • Additional Plumbing Work Required

  • Additional Electric Work Required

  • Distance between Existing System and the new location

  • Distance between meter box and the new location

New system recommendation

  • Offered system brand

  • Offered system tank capacity

  • Number of units offered

  • Comments from the Customer

Activity Considered For Government Rebates

  • D17 - Replacing Existing Electric HWS to Heat Pump Hot Water

  • D19 - Replacing Existing Gas HWS to Heat Pump Hot Water

  • F16 - Replacing One or More Existing HWS to Heat Pump Hot Water - Commercial

  • F17 - Installing One or More Heat Pump Hot Water - Commercial

  • My Recommendation and suggestion


  • Electricity bills/Gas Bill/Internet Bill

  • Any Photo id

  • Any Relocation of Hot Water and Upgradation of the Meter Box is not included in the Quotation. Such Works must be carried out and paid by the customer directly to Plumber or Electrician. If there are any additional charges payable to HiTech Hot Water as a consequence of any upgrading or relocation, these charges will be provided to the customer and becomes payable upon completion of Installation together with the Balance Payable

  • Terms and Conditions 1. You may terminate this order within the Cooling O period being 10 days from the date hereof at no costs to you. ADMIN charges will apply if this order is terminated by you after the Cooling O period. 2. We draw your attention to the additional terms and condition which will be sent to you over the email. All products and services supplied are subject to Manufacturers Terms & Conditions. 3. We arrange the installation and commissioning of the Heat Pump Hot Water systems which is carried out by a qualified Tradies. 4. The Balance Payable shown above is due and payable in full, prior to installation. 5. This quote is valid for a period of 10 days from the date hereof. This quote is subject to the availability of the Heat Pump Hot Water credits/rebates indicated above and the customer hereby transfers all of the Rebates granted to the benefit of Hitech Hot Water or its assignee. The customer declares that it has not previously received any credits or become ineligible for such credits and the grant of Government Rebates

  • I/We acknowledge that by entering into this contract we are subject to the cooling o period of 10 days and have read & understood and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein

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