• Hills Fixed Wireless/Satellite Desktop Audit V.9

  • Completed By Hills Technical Services:

  • Work Order Task:

  • Contractor Name:

  • Work Order:

  • Auditors Name:

  • Conducted on:

Audit Instructions:

  • To complete an audit, all questions must be answered. These questions are categorized into three section - HSE, Administration and Installation Quality. There are 4 possible outcomes, Pass, Pass with Actions, Fail and Rework. The majority of audits will contain enough information to show the intent of the contractor to adhere to all standards required. Where insufficient artifacts or information is visible on the job card, this will result in a Pass with Actions. Please document all actions required for future work. In the event of a rework or WHS breach, this audit must be marked as a fail.

Subcontractor Responsibilities:

Site Visit Details:

  • Date of site visit

  • EU Address

  • Did the contractor Pre-call customer 1 hour before appointment: (check start time, it must be within 45-60 min prior to start time - 15 minutes either side of agreed appointment start time, unless notes dictate otherwise) (If no, this is an audit Fail)

  • Did customer give consent?

Health, Safety, Environment and JSA:

  • Pass or Fail based on adherence to WHS legislation and procedures

  • Based on the evidence supplied in the job card has the contractor completed all sections of the JSA appropriately?

  • Select all sections of the JSA the contractor did not complete?

Electrical Isolation:

  • Electrical Isolation is both Lock out and Tag out of an electrical source, evidence provided should show both. Lock out tag should be clearly marked with contractors name and phone number visible. Electrical fuse box or switch board should be locked out with a physical lock or circuit breaker lock. If a lock cannot be fitted to a switchboard an acceptable solution is to lock out with a cable tie.

  • Was evidence provided of Electrical Isolation? (Artifact or Lockout noted in JSA)

  • Was evidence provided of a work around in the JSA?

  • This is a critical fail, please mark this audit as a fail - Electrical Safety Breach.

  • List the PPE used with Electrical Isolation

  • List the methods showing Electrical Isolation

Ladder Safety:

  • List the PPE used with the ladder setup:

  • Was evidence provided of Ladder safety?

  • Was evidence provided of a work around in the JSA?

  • This is a critical fail, please mark this audit as a fail - Zero Harm Policy breach.

  • List the methods showing the contractor was working safely on their ladder

Height Safety:

  • List all the Height Safety PPE used in the Height Safety Setup

  • Was evidence provided of Working at Heights safely?

  • Was evidence provided of a work around in the JSA?

  • This is a critical fail, please mark this audit as a fail - Zero Harm Policy breach.

  • List the WAH methods showing the contractor was working safely at height

Prequalification Readings:

  • Installed PCI Cell ID - For Satellite Audits Mark N/A

  • PreQual Signal Level: - For Satellite Audits Mark N/A

  • Did the PreQual screenshot averages section confirm a pass? (If the averages screen shows a fail and the install is completed, please list as a required action)

Installed Final Test Readings:

  • Satellite QOI Screenshot Pass:

  • Satellite Modem successfully activated

  • FW RSRP Signal Level:

  • Did the final RSRP screenshot averages section confirm a pass? (If the averages screen shows a fail and the install is completed, please list as a required action)

Have the following Artifact / Photos been provided? Please note: This is not a quality check of the installation or service call, this is a photo pass or fail.

  • FW Pre-Qualification Screenshot:

  • FW Service Qualification Screenshot:

  • FW Line of Sight or Satellite Look Angle: FW - No Obstruction within 5m of the ODU - e.g. ODU looking into a roof or tree, buildings or trees greater than 5m are not an issue. Satellite - No Obstruction within 10 degrees of the TRIA.

  • ODU and Mount: (Mount side on with all fixing points visible, cable drip loop correct, weather boot fitted, black cable ties and electrical tape used, TRIA secured)

  • Wallplate and IDU Close Up Photo: (NBN wall plate used, Printed NTD label and NTD number correct, FW security lock fitted)

  • IDU 2m Situational - Situational photo taken from minimum 2m away clearly showing NBN wall plate and power point, Satellite PSU bracket, cables neat and tidy: (Must show separation of services and equipment heights, 150mm between wallplates, NBN plate beside power point, not above or below unless proof of separation provided, i.e stud or conduct, IDU/Wall plate 300mm - 1800mm with 900mm front clearance to service.

  • Cable Test: Does the photo show a pass and provide evidence it was taken on the job. FW must show wiremap test and pass, satellite must show cable continuity or cable meterage (minimum 8m to maximum 50m)

  • Cable Distance - FW cable msut be less than 100m, Satelleuite cable must be greater than 8m and less than 50m?

  • IS there evidence conduit was used:

  • Is conduit installed correctly?

  • Other Photos: (Any other relevant photos)

Installation and Quality Assurance: - Please note this is a quality check on the installation or service call ensuring they meet manufactures recommendations and Legislative standards

  • Mount Type:

  • Metal Batten Kit Used?

  • Type of Metal Batten Used:

  • Is the mount fitted to KlipLok or TrimDek roof?

  • Was a standard bracket used and are the stay arms secured to the rib?

  • Was a Clevis bracket used & is the mount installed at the highest point on the roof?<br>Are the stay arms out of the water channel (Pan)?

  • Is the mount in a good location: 3m from energised power source, 1m from all other services and 2m from polycarbonate roof sheeting?

  • Is the mount fitted to the Manufactures specifications?

  • Is the mount secured and the roof sealed?

  • Is the cable secured to the mount with the appropriate amount of black cable ties and Black electrical tape?

  • Is the cable penetration sealed with silicon and NOT in the water channel?

  • Is the TRIA or weather proof boot secured & the drip loop correct?

  • Is the cable mechanically protected if there is more than 100mm of exposed cable that is not secured to the mount?

  • Is the IDU in a good location? (300mm - 1800mm from the ground) and a printed readable NTD Sticker on IDU?

  • Has the FW security lock or Satellite PSU bracket been fitted?

  • Was an NBN labeled wall plate used and does the wall plate have 150mm separation from a power point (centre to centre of each plate)?

  • Is the wall plate above or below the power point?

  • Is there evidence showing 50mm separation from power? - Flexi conduit or a physical barrier separating the cable from the power?

  • Has the supplied White Cat 5E or RG6 Coax cable been used for the patch lead?

  • Are the cables tidy ( patch lead & power lead )

  • Was NBN Cat5 or RG6 cable used?

  • The use of non approved cable is an automatic fail and a rework must be issued

Customer satisfaction:

  • Has the onsite representative signed the work order?

Inspection Results:

  • Was the Inspection a Pass or Fail

  • Select Type of Fail

  • Select due date of response

  • Selection next action required?

  • Select all applicable responses

  • List contractor actions required on all future jobs

  • List comments below


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