• Hills Technical Services Customer / Damage Complaint V.5

  • Conducted on

  • Work Order:

  • Contractors Name:

  • HTS Expectations:

    It is a WHS requirement that a Risk Assessment is completed for every task, this is done before a job is started.
    This will be separate to any site specific inductions that may be required.
    The subcontractor will complete the audit in full and all evidence that is collected such as photos and comments made by customers will be documented.

Inspectors Risk Assessment

  • Hazards

  • Controls

  • Residual Risk Level

  • Add signature

Customer Details

  • Complainants Name:

  • Contact Number:

  • Email Address:

  • Inspection Date

  • Inspectors Name & ID:

  • Add location

Site Inspection:

  • Purpose for site visit?

Damage / Customer Complaint:

  • Damage / Customer Complaint Description

  • Detailed Description of Damage or Complaint

  • What is the extent of the Damage / Complaint?

  • List possible causes of the damage or complaint?

  • Location where Damage / Complaint has occurred?

  • Provide Photos of the Damage / Complaint, show damage, location and any other useful information relating to the damage / complaint (Mandatory)

  • Was the Damage / Complaint caused by the Installation?

  • How was the Damage / Complaint caused?

  • What caused the Damage / Complaint?


  • Is the customer satisfied with the outcome of the Inspection?

  • What is the customer not Satisfied with?

  • Has the customer agreed to a Resolution?

  • What actions need to be completed to get the customer to agree to a resolution

  • What Resolution has the customer agreed to?

  • Have you provided the customer a Deed of Release and have they signed?

  • Picture of signed DOR

  • Have you emailed a copy of the Inspection to the customer?

  • Will an Insurance Claim be made?

  • List your comments below ( Mandatory )


  • Contractors Signature:

  • Complainants Signature:

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