Welcome to the Chemical Storage/Containment/Dosing Site Inspection Checklist!

  • Location
  • Treatment Plant

  • Conducted on

  • HWC Personal Conducting Inspection

  • Veolia Site Controller

  • Reason for visit



  • Weather (Previous 24hrs)

  • Weather (Current)


  • General site photos (remember to annotate if necessary)

Due Diligence

  • The Operator has no immediate concerns?

  • EPA Licence available & in date

  • PIRMP and Emergency Manual Available?

  • Operators weekly checklist being used?

  • Operators can access EMS and quality systems?

  • General House Keeping satisfactory?

Access Roads

  • Site gates and signage secure and in good repair?

  • Access roads have no potholes and are clear of debris and overhanging vegetation?

  • Fences are in good state of repair?


  • Veolia area free of dumped materials and rubbish?

  • Wider buffer area free from illegal dumping?

  • Site free from erosion or sediment issues?

  • Bush fire and natural risks managed well?

  • Site free from noxious weeds and noxious animals?

  • Site REF/EIS commitments implemented?

Inlet Works

  • Inlet works are serviceable?

  • Does the operator have major concerns with inlet works?


Bioreactor and Aeration Tanks

  • Bioreactors are operational?

  • The operator has no immediate concerns with regards to bioreactor and aeration tank operations?


  • Clarifiers are operational?

  • The operator has no immediate concerns with regards to clarification process?


  • Digesters are operational?

  • The operator has no immediate concerns with regards to digester operations?

Chemical Dosing Units

  • Land contamination managed?

  • Known site contamination managed?

  • Chemical Storage areas and dosing units appear serviceable and free from cracks and stability issues?

  • Delivery and storage bunds are free from defects and there no signs of rainwater collection or leaks?

  • Fuel and chemicals appropriately labeled and stored?

  • Spill kit and fire extinguisher available?

  • Safety Data Sheets available?

Odour Control System

  • Is the odour bed and media serviceable?

  • no evidence of unauthorized discharges, overflows, offensive odours or pollution?

  • Does the operator have concerns related to odour control system?


  • Pipes, tanks,ponds free of observable defects?

  • Disinfection system operating and maintained?

  • Sludge/bio-solids management on site satisfactory?

  • wet weather overflow ponds serviceable?

  • discharge point signage per licence?

Comments and actions

  • Overall plant and equipment condition appears satisfactory from visual inspection?

  • General comments

  • Recommended actions

  • Sign

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