Welcome to the Chemical Storage/Containment/Dosing Site Inspection Checklist!

  • Location
  • Treatment Plant

  • Conducted on

  • HWC Personal Conducting Inspection

  • Veolia Site Controller

  • Reason for visit

Chemical Dosing System

  • Chemical Type



  • Weather (Previous 24hrs)

  • Weather (Current)


  • General site photos (remember to annotate if necessary)

Due Diligence

  • Are the chemical storage areas and dosing units serviceable and free from defects? (visual inspection only)

  • The Operator has no immediate concerns?


Check for signs of leaking

  • Confirm there are no leaks in the pipework?

  • Confirm there is no leaking on flexible hoses?

  • Confirm there are no leaking valves?

  • Confirm there are no leaking fittings?

  • Confirm there are no leaks from chemical dosing (injection) points?

  • Confirm there are no leaking pumps?

Double Contained Pipe Work

  • Are pipes adequately supported - check brackets

  • Are pipes adequately supported - check movement

  • Notes

Pipe Work Signage

  • All pipe work signage in good condition, properly attached, clean and legible.

  • All pipe work signage includes pipe markers for overflows and drains.

  • All product pipe work signage clearly displays the product within the pipe and the direction of flow.

  • Is pipework colour coded?

Storage Tank


  • The tank and tank support level?

  • How does the operator check the level in the tank?

  • The level indicator is functional?

  • There is no cracking/corrosion in the structural supports or welds?

  • All ground footings are secure?


  • Are all valves (delivery and discharge) in sound condition?

  • Is tank protected from physical collision?


  • Is there a spill kit nearby?

Storage Bund


  • The bund exhibits signs of stability, i.e. the bund walls vertical?

  • The bund exhibit NO signs of cracking in the base or walls?

  • Is the bund in a sound condition?

Bund Function

  • Is any form of splash guard or equivalent in place?

  • Check bund drainage valves (if there are any) have been left in the correct position.

  • Where present, are all joints in good condition?

  • The bund float switches / leak detection instruments are working correctly?

  • There is NO evidence of recent leaks?

  • The epoxy coating shows NO cracking and peeling?

  • There is no rainwater in the storage bund?

  • Where do the bund drain pipe(s) drain to?

Delivery Bund

  • There is NO evidence of tankers discharging chemicals outside of the storage bund (e.g. chemical staining on ground)?

Tanker / Delivery Bund (if applicable)

  • Is the Tanker / Delivery Bund maintained?

  • The storage tank to collect runoff from the Delivery bund, does NOT contain rainwater?

Chlorine Storage

920 kg Chlorine drums

  • Is there a windsock?

  • Is it in functional condition?

For Chlorine only

  • The chlorine leak detector has been recently tested (ask operator)?

Comments and actions

  • General comments

  • Recommended actions

  • Sign

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