Welcome to the Chemical Storage/Containment/Dosing Site Inspection Checklist!

  • Location
  • Treatment Plant

  • Conducted on

  • HWC Personal Conducting Inspection

  • Veolia Site Controller

  • Reason for visit



  • Weather (Previous 24hrs)

  • Weather (Current)


  • General site photos (remember to annotate if necessary)

Due Diligence

  • Who is Undertaking the activity?

  • Name of Contractor and Subcontractor:

  • What is the activity being observed?

  • Does the activity involve high risk construction work?

Observations from the activity

  • Please provide a brief description of what is happening?

  • Is there a Safe Work Method Statement (SWIMS) available for the activity?

  • Has the SWIMS been approved for use?

Areas of Observation

  • Does the SWIMS capture all hazards present at the time of the observation?

  • Does the SWIMS appear to be adequate?

  • Is any work being undertaken in or near a confined space? If so, are appropriate measures in place?

  • Is the work being conducted according to the SWIMS? If no, list the differences.

  • What positive observations have been made?

Comments and actions

  • General comments

Discuss Activity with personnel

  • Note name and position of personal spoken to as part of the observation?

  • Are they aware of any additional (e.g. site specific) hazards not covered in SWIMS?

  • Are control measures in place to minimize the risk from additional hazards?

  • Note Feedback and general comments

  • Confirm Feedback has been provided?

  • Sign

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