Title Page

  • Incident Title

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Incident Details

  • Incident Report to be filled out on Spotlight

  • Incident Date/Time

Scene Management

  • Make scene safe

  • Preserve scene

Safety of People

  • Ensure an ESO has been contacted to treat any injured persons

Reporting of incident

  • Type of Incident

  • Contact must be made to the nominated Superintendent by attempting to call on the phone

  • Ensure a voice message and/or text message is left on the nominated Superintendents phone

  • A Text message/Email is adequate in this situation followed by a detailed incident report

  • Notify Superintendent

  • Time incident reported to Superintendent

  • Media used to report to Superintendent

If notifiable Incident

  • Superintendent to notify relevant Statutory Engineer- Mining, Maintenance, or Electrical

  • Incident scene may need to be preserved until an inspector arrives at the site or earlier as directed by the Supervisor


  • Inspect the incident scene and take notes<br>-What people were involved<br>-What equipment was involved<br>-What are the environmental conditions

  • Photography at the scene

  • Drug and Alcohol Test all personnel involved in the incident

  • Collect statements from personnel involved/witnesses

  • Fatigue assessment

  • Take copes of risk assessments, permits,SWP,etc

  • Take 5

  • JHA

  • Multi Work Permits

  • Any other associated Permits

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