Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Name of person reporting

First Incident Details

  • Date & Time of Incident

  • Location of Incident
  • Incident Priority?

  • Incident Type?

  • How serious could it have been?

  • Likelihood of occurrence

  • If an incident did occur, how serious could it be?

  • Name of on-duty supervisor at time of incident?

  • Immediate medical attention required?

  • What kind of medical attention was administered or required?

Describe What Happened

  • Describe what happened. Please be detailed but state only facts.

Record Evidence and Information

People involved

  • Please document all people involved in this incident, including yourself (the person reporting the incident)

  • Person


  • Full Name

  • Contact phone number

  • Please describe this person's involvement with the incident, including all relevant information

  • Does this person wish to make a preliminary statement?

Preliminary Statement

  • Statement regarding incident

  • Person Signature

  • Has this person sustained an injury?

Injury Details

  • Provide injury details (include any body parts affected)

Corrective Actions

  • Are corrective/further actions required with regard to this incident?

  • Have all required corrective actions been added as Actions to this inspection?

  • Please add any corrective actions to the appropriate questions above before completing this incident report

Sign Off

  • Further action/follow-up/investigation required?

  • Name of person/people to follow up

  • Name & Signature of Reporter

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