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  • Is an Infection Control Manual or Policy available?

  • Is an Infection Control Management Plan (ICMP) available? (QLD only)

  • Is a Radiation Safety Management Plan (RSPP) available? (QLD & VIC only)

  • Are there relevant policies & procedures available? select those that apply

  • Are Safety Data Sheets available for products used in practice?

  • Are copies of the two Australian Standards available in either printed or digital format?

  • Is the Federal Governments National Health & Medical Research Council (NHRMC) Australian Guidelines on Infection Prevention Available in either printed or digital format?

  • Confirm with clinicians that in line with AHPRA & National Law a blood test has been undertaken within the last 36 months to confirm antibody status for HBV, HCV, and HIV.

  • Does the practice have any of the follow registers (printed or digital)

  • Is yearly Infection Control training undertaken and documented?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are all masks being treated as single use?

  • Are Level 2 and N95 Masks available?

  • Have team members been fit tested for N95 masks?

  • Is correct eye protection being worn that includes side eye protection?

  • Are heavy-duty utility gloves available and being worn in the sterilisation room when reprocessing instruments?

  • Are aprons being worn in the sterilisation room when reprossing instruments?

  • Are scrubs/aprons removed when in non-clinical areas?

  • Is enclosed footwear being worn in clinical areas?

Hand Hygiene

  • Is handwash and ABHR being used at the correct opportunities?

  • Is moisturiser available and used when appropriate?

  • Are hands being dried with disposable paper towel?

  • Has all hand and wrist jewelry been removed prior to working in clinical areas? *Note a plain wedding band is permissible provided appropriate hand hygiene is completed

Sharps Management

  • Do sharps containers conform to Australian Standards (AS4301 and AS4261) by having the following; a lid, an appropriate mouth with plastic fingers, a full line mark, a bio-hazard symbol and disposal instructions?

  • Confirm all sharps containers are not filled beyond the full line mark?

  • Are sharps containers wall mounted or is a safety-engineered device used such as a Sharpsmart container?

  • Are any full sharps containers stored safety when awaiting collection?

  • Are needles being disposed of by clinicians?

  • Are team members aware of what to do in the event of a sharps injury?

  • Is a risk assessment completed for any sharps injuries?

Infection Control - Treatment rooms

  • Is the environment clean and are work surfaces conducive for effective cleaning?

  • Are floor coverings impervious with sealed joins and in good repair?

  • Are dental chairs in good repair allowing for effective cleaning?

  • Observe team members clean treatment rooms between patients. What tasks have been completed?

  • Are all handpieces sterilised between patients? (even if not used)

  • Are suction units cleaned daily?

  • Is there a process for the collection of amalgam & scrap metal?

  • Is a detergent and a disinfectant product available for cleaning?

  • Are any barriers used? ie curing light, intra-oral camera's or x-ray holders

  • Are instruments stored to ensure no damage to the pack?

  • Check a selection of instruments to ensure they are clean and sterile. Were any issues identified?

  • Is instrument sterility checked chairside by the clinician?

  • Is the water being used in the dental chair being treated?

  • Have the dental unit waterlines been tested for water quality in the past 12 months and was the result below 200 CFU?

  • If impressions are taken, are they cleaned and disinfected?

Infection Control - Sterilisation room

  • Is daily validation occuring on the Ultrasonic bath?

  • Is the Ultrasonic bath solution prepared in line with instructions?

  • Is daily validation occurring on the Autoclave/s?

  • Is the sterilisation room cleary demarcated into clean and dirty zones?

  • Were any instances of cross contamination identified

  • When reprocessing instruments is correct PPE being worn?

  • Are there dedicated brushes for manual cleaning?

  • If Rotary NiTi files are used and reprocessed, are they being reprocessed according to ADA guidelines?

  • Are handpieces cleaned and lubricated prior to sterilisation?

  • Are low-lint or lint-free cloths being used for the drying of instruments?

  • Review processed and/or sterilised instruments for cleanliness. Were any issues identified

  • Review instrument tracking (from recording to the patient file). Is this being completed inline with guidelines?

  • Is there a process for identifying and disposing of damaged instruments?

  • What instruments are being bagged and tracked?


  • Is there a record of the Ultrasonic passing daily validation? Record any issues identified

  • Is there record of the autoclaves passing daily validation? Record any issues identified

Review autoclave log sheets for the below content

  • Autoclave Identifier

  • Load/Cycle number

  • Completed cycle parameters

  • List of instruments/contents

  • Number of instruments/bags

  • Person who loaded and unloaded autoclave

  • Chemical indicator (class 4 or 6)

  • Can team members identify a correct and incorrect colour change on chemical indicators

  • Is the autoclave loaded as per manufacturer's guidelines

  • Can the most recent autoclave validation certificates be provided

  • Was a spore test/biological test completed in the last validation

  • Was cold spot identification completed in the last validation

Health & Safety

  • Is there a current evacuation diagram?

  • Does the evacuation diagram contain all the required information

  • Has an evacuation been practiced and recorded in the past 12 months

  • Are emergency exits clearly signed

  • Are fire extinguishers serviced every 6 months?

  • Is there a medical emergency/first aid kit?

  • Is emergency oxygen available

  • Is there an AED

  • Has medical emergency/first aid training occurred in the past 12 months

  • Is nitrous oxide used?

  • Are x-rays being taken by licensed individuals

  • Is there a process for recording incidents

  • Is there a process for recording incidents that occur to patients

  • Are there any hazards identifed?

  • Are there any unlabelled/unidentified chemicals?

  • Is there an Asbestos clearance certificate or Asbestos Register/Management Plan available?

  • Has electrical testing and tagging been completed within the past 12 months?

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