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Managers - Infection Control performed an inspection of your unit. Please review your survey and document your Plan of Correction next to each deficiency.
1.0 Hand Hygiene

1.1. Hand sanitizer is available and accessible for the patients, visitors and health care personnel?

1.2. Wall mounted paper towels available near each sink?

1.3. Free from bar soaps?

1.4. Posters in appropriate locations demonstrating good handwashing techniques?

1.5. Food handlers able to demonstrate good handwashing techniques?

2.0. Waste Management

2.1. Waste containers clean?

2.2. Waste containers covered and with labels?

2.3. Waste containers foot pedal operational and in good condition for kitchen waste?

3.0 Refrigerators/Freezers

3.1. Daily checklist completed for temperatures?

3.2. Fridge temperature is maintained?

3.3. Designated food fridge is clean?

4.0. Storage Area

4.1. Floors and walls clean?

4.2. Horizontal and vertical surfaces are clean?

4.3. Bottom shelf is solid?

4.4. No supplies stored 6" from the floor?

4.5. No supplies stored touching the 18" from the ceiling?

5.0. Kitchen Area

5.1. Floor around preparation area is clean?

5.2. Sink unit is clean?

5.3. Liquid soap available?

5.4. Flat surfaces clean and free from stains?

5.5. Ceiling are not discolored/wet/missing or damaged?

Two-sink dishwashing method is observed?

6.0. Corridors/Environment

6.1. Furniture is clean and in a good state?

6.2. The wall is clean and dust free?

6.3. Free of obstruction and equipment?

7.0. Food Handlers

7.1. Awareness about the importance of hand hygiene?

7.2. Wearing appropriate PPE during food handling and transport such as gloves and hairnets?

7.3. Educated and well oriented about the proper flow of cleaning (cleanest to dirtiest)?

7.4. Wear clean clothes daily?

7.5. Clean shaven and shower daily?

7.6. Food handlers wearing jewelry, rings, fingernail polish, bandages?

7.7. Do food handlers have illnesses, infections or injury (boils and cuts) that can contaminate food in the production area?

7.6. Periodic examination (stool analysis) done for all food handlers?

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