• Member Name

  • Address
  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Member Personnel Present

Inspection Process for Inflatables

  • Ask for and obtain Owners' Manual for device

  • Refer to signage requirements at

  • Ask if any repairs have been made to the device and if there were previous concerns since the last inspection.

  • Take photo

  • Review Inspection Checklist with the member

  • Ask if the operators are member employees or volunteers

  • Refer to Operations Checklist - Inspected Areas. Provide a copy to the member.

  • Explain that the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that injuries can occur through improper setup, anchoring, and operations.

  • Review Operations Checklist - Operator/Attendant Responsibilities. Provide a copy to the member.

  • Ask member to demonstrate emergency procedures, i.e., clear device, turn off blower, etc.

  • Refer to Operations Checklist - Emergency Procedures

  • Explain that the TDI form, coverage document, and photos will be sent to the member (email and mail). Member will be responsible for sending form and photo to TDI with the appropriate fee ($40/unit).

Device Information

  • Member Name

  • Name of Ride/Device

  • Serial Number

  • Date of Inspection

  • Photo(s) of Device

Inspection Checklist

Inflatable Exterior

  • Is the exterior material clean and free of stains?

  • Are the seams strong and in good condition

  • Is mesh material strong, stable, and intact?

  • Are proper stakes being used for the intended soil composition?

  • Are proper sandbags and/or weights being used to secure the device?

  • Are tie-down straps in good condition with no damage or breakage?

  • Are entrances and exits clear of obstructions?

  • Are entrance/exit ramps secure and attached?

  • Are warning signs and rules clear and visible?

Inflatable Interior

  • Is the interior material clean and free of stains?

  • Are the seams strong and in good condition?

  • Is mesh material strong, stable, and intact?

  • Is the entrance safety net secure and intact?

  • Is internal air pressure sufficient to provide firm footing?

  • Are any debris or sharp objects present?

  • Are passageways clear of obstructions?

  • Are ropes and footholds strong and intact?

  • Are warning signs and rules clear and visible?


  • Is the proper blower being used for this unit?

  • Is the intended electrical outlet 110v GFCI protected?

  • Is the motor free of dust and operating properly?

  • Is the air intake and output clean and free of debris?

  • Is the blower free of rust and corrosion?

  • Is the inflatable air supply tube properly attached and secured to the blower?

  • Are electrical cords no more than 25' from the GFCI outlet?

  • Are electrical cords in good condition and the insulation free of nicks, cuts, and abrasions?

  • Are electrical cords secured and out of the path of travel to prevent potential trips?

  • Are all plugs, sockets, and switches in good condition and free of damage?


  • Are accessories, such as boxing gloves, jousting poles, etc., used in the device?

  • Are they free from damage and wear?

  • Are they clean?

  • Are fencing queues and railings intact and free from sharp edges and obstructions?

  • Is a generator used to supply power to the device blower?

  • Is the generator inspected regularly?

  • Are procedures in place for monitoring and fueling generators?

  • Are water misters used with the device?

  • Is the mister firmly attached to the device?

  • Is the mister clean, free from debris and odor?

  • Is the water source clean and free of debris?

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