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Site information

Area Manager:

Weather Condition:

Concrete Operations Mgr.:


1 OSHA 5 in 1 posting current and in place?

2 1910.1020 Access to Medical and Exposure Records posted?

3 Workplace Hazard Assessment posted?

4 OSHA 300A Summary Feb.-Apr. posted?

5 Evacuation Routes for office structures posted?

6 SDS Books available?

7 OSHA Binder available for review?

8 Lockout/Tagout board present & reviewed in past 12 months?

9 Machine specific lockout/tagout procedures complete?

10 Annual OSHA training conducted and tracked?

11 State Labor Law Poster in a common and conspicuous location?

12 Federal Labor Law Poster in a common and conspicuous location?

13 Delivery Tickets (complete and accurate)?


1 Pulley Guards in place and adequate?

2 Catwalks clean of loose material?

3 Fixed ladders adequate and without damage?

4 Catwalk handrails adequate and without damage?

5 Auger belts guarded properly?

6 Conveyor pits labeled as "Confined Space" and have limited access?

7 All rollers guarded to eight (8) feet?

8 Emergency pull stops provided and at roller level?


1 Properly labeled as "Confined Space"?

2 Fixed ladders (above 20' in height) caged?

3 Fixed ladders accessible and without damage?

4 Cages start no lower than 7' and no higher than 8'?

5 Resting platform provided on all silos over 30' in height?

6 Standard railings provided at top where employees have fall exposure?

7 Crossover platforms provided with standard railings and toe boards?


1 Properly labeled as "Confined Space"?

2 Standard railings provided at top where employees have fall exposure?

3 Ladders adequate and without damage?


1 Tanks clearly and properly labeled? (Diesel, no smoking, flammable)

2 Emergency cut-off provided (> 20 feet and < 100 feet) and labeled?

3 Fire extinguisher provided near pump and fully charged?

4 Containment provided to 110% of fuel and free from trash/liquid?


1 Plant disconnects properly labeled for voltage?

2 Breakers properly labeled for feed?

Name of supplied location

3 Temporary cords not used in place of permanent wiring?

4 Temporary cords are not being used through ceilings, walls, or windows?

5 Wall plugs are free from damage and have proper cover plates?

6 Plant electrical boxes without damage?

7 Plant electrical boxes free from missing knockouts?

8 Electrical conductors properly run through conduit?

9 Wiring systems visually connected (ground rod properly connected)?


1 Employees wearing required PPE while on yard and job sites?

2 Employees wearing seatbelt when their vehicle is in motion?

3 Eye wash stations provided where cleaning chemicals are used?

4 Eye wash stations properly inspected and maintained?

5 Fire extinguishers visually inspected monthly?

6 All containers on plant labeled for contents? (chem,admix,oil)

7 All air compressor belts guarded?

8 Housekeeping on plant adequate? (restrooms, office, plant)

9 Plant lighting adequate?


1 Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections being properly performed?

2 Inside cab clean and free from loose items?

3 Fire extinguisher charged and mounted inside cab?

4 Unit free of obvious defects and leaks?

5 Clean exterior on all units?

6 Emergency triangles inside of cab? (minimum 3, clean, reflective)

7 Are logs being kept after an employee works more than 12 hours?

8 Is corrective action being taken on Post-trip Inspections?

9 Drivers/Operators maintaining proper service intervals which includes oil changes, greasing, washing, tire checks, etc.?

10 Is corrective action signed by person making repairs?


1 General Housekeeping adequate?

2 Overhead storage area floor load rating posted?

3 Standard railing/toe boards provided on overhead storage area?

4 Gas bottles (cutting) properly stored with necessary caps in place?

5 Oxygen and Acetylene bottles stored 20 feet apart?

6 Welding leads free from damage within first 10' of whip?

7 Electrodes properly stored?

8 Guards on shop grinders properly adjusted?

9 Shop eyewash stations provided and inspected?

10 Cutting torches provided with flashback arrestors?

11 Adequate number of fire extinguishers in shop/free from obstructions?

12 Parts washer lids equipped with fusible links?

13 Drill Press properly mounted to shop floor?

14 Eye protection provided at grinder and drill press?


1 Does this facility have an air permit available for review?

2 Does dust collector work properly, if applicable?

3 Are speed limits posted to reduce dust emissions on parking lot?

4 Are dust emissions from all stockpiles minimized by sprinkling water?

5 Are oil stains properly cleaned and trash removed?

6 Are good housekeeping measures implemented to minimize and prevent exposure of spilled cement, aggregate, fly ash or other dust to runoff?

7 Are return product piles kept to a minimum?

8 Are inspections and documentation conducted monthly?

9 Is there a rain gauge installed at this facility?

10 Is the Rain Gauge Daily Check Sheet current?

11 Are we currently under water restrictions?

12 Does the facility have an above ground storage tank(s) of >1320 gals?

13 is there a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan?

14 Is Tier Two Chemical Report available and current?

15 Is there an SDS ( Safety Data Sheet) on chemicals used?

16 Are solids from recycle pits removed to allow maximum containment?


1 Admix Equipment: cameras and monitor in working order?

2 Heater available (Winter) and in working order?

3 Moisture probe in working order?

4 All highlights and audible systems working on silos and agg. bins?

5 Inspect oil levels in all gear boxes and fill as needed?

6 Adjust or install skirt board rubber as needed? Working Order?

7 Inspect dust collector and filter bags? Replace as needed.

8 Inspect agg. bins for rust and wear (remove material for inspection)?

9 Does the facility practice good housekeeping procedures?


1 Ensure that corrective actions/repairs were taken for prior month?


Area Manager's Full Name and Signature:

Plant Representative's Full Name and Signature:

Audited by: (Full Name and Signature)