Service/Product Knowledge

Provide two (2) benefits sanitising?

What is the first thing you do when servicing a sanitiser?

Provide three (3) reasons for a deep clean service ?

Provide two (2) benefits of the air freshener service ?

Provide types of sanitary service offered?

Provide two (2) benefits of the sanitary disposal service?

Provide two (2) benefits of the nappy disposal service?

What are two (2) benefits of the Plus by Initial Service for the customer?

What are two (2) benefits of the Plus by Initial Service for the Technician?

What is the first thing you do when starting your day?

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a customers site?

What is the first thing you do after entering the site and signing in?

What do you always remove from site at the completion of the service?

Provide two (2) benefits of the soap service?

Provide examples of three (3) types of soap service offered?

Provide two (2) reasons for the sharps disposal services?

What is the benefits of the toilet seat wipe/spray service?

Provide two (2) reasons for the hand dryer service?

Provide examples of two (2) hand dryers?

What are three (3) safety items you check when servicing a baby change table?

Arrival on site / Service Delivery

Did the service technician follow all road rules whilst traveling to the next call?

Did the service technician park in a safe location on or near the customers site?

Did the service technician review their PDA or run sheet to assess what was being serviced?

Were all site specific safety instructions followed ?

Was the trolley safely removed from the vehicle ?

Was the trolley checked to see if it was visually clean ready for use ?

Was the trolley loaded correctly with the consumables needed to conduct the service ?

Did the service person technician report their arrival on site ?

Did the service person sign in on arrival / if needed and signed out?

Did the service trolley hit the walls, doorways etc while moving around the site ?

Were the condition of the washrooms left as found after the service ?

Were any noted problems reported at the end of the service to the site contact ?

Were any service issues recorded in the RED ALERT Book and given to there supervisor back at the Depot ?

Was the run sheet/PDA signed by the customer at the end of the service ?

Did the service person sign out when finished / if they signed when they arrived?

Personal Presentation And Hygiene

Clean and neat hair?

Clean shaven, neat beard?

Trousers or shorts with the Initial logo,clean and pressed, no stains,rips or tears?

Shirt,clean,no Stains,rips,with Initial logo,tucked in unless designed to hang out ?

Clean jumper or jacket with Initial logo, stored to ensure it looks good when worn?

Overalls clean, stored to ensure presentation standard, no rips or tears?

Black polished safety shoes or safety boots? (No runners)

Light weight spray jacket for use on wet days?

Initial security photo ID tags worn at all times, kept in good condition?

Commonwealth card produced on demand?

Coles induction card produced on demand?

Safety Equipment

Respirator (if required- must have when using deep clean chemicals?

Filter cartridges suitable for chemicals and within use by date?

Stored in a suitable bag/container to avoid chemical contamination,keep clean?

Service Technician can produce it on demand without searching van?

Gloves (all type required for job functions, Depot, Sanitary, General)?

Still serviceable, no holes or tears?

Kept in a clean state, to maintain professional presentation?

Stored were accessible and can show you where they are?

Gloves removed prior to signing of run sheet or PDA with the customer?

Safety glasses : Serviceable,frames and lenses complete?

Clean and stored to prevent lenses from being scratched?

Stored in a safe area and can produce when requested?

Hard Hat : Stored in a safe area and can produce when requested?

Clean and Stored in a safe area and can produce when requested?

Safety Vest : Clean with Initial Logo?

Ear Plugs : Kept in a clean state?

Stored in a safe area and can produced when requested?

Safe Operation from vehicle?

Trolley used for heavy loads?

Work from kerb side or rear of the vehicle when out on the roadway ?

Spills cleaned up?

No goods or equipment, sanitary bins etc to be stored in cabin of the vehicle?

Goods stored and secured properly?

PPE container in Vehicle:Stocked with ear plugs, Gloves, Dust Mask,Safety Glasses,sunscreen & Hand sanitiser?


Fire Extinguisher?

Is fitted to vehicle,stored in a cradle and fully charged?

Demonstrate the removal of Extinguisher from cradle without hesitation?

Demonstrate how to activate Extinguisher, and method of putting fire out?

Presentation / Clean floors in cabs and goods compartment,floor mats in good clean condition?

Clean windows, and surrounding window rubbers

Clean dashboard and instruments binnacle,no buildup of dirt or dust?

Floors clean and swept in back of truck or van?

Clean seats,under seats and behind seats?

Exterior of Vehicles is washed and cleaned on a regular basis?

First Aid Kit / Present in Vehicle?

Stored in accessible location?

Contents within use by dates?

Tools and Equipment / serviceable and stored correctly?

Ladder present, clean and in working order?

Torch present and in working order?

Service in progress sign present in Vehicle and clean?

Spill kit in Vehicle?

Vehicle service schedule?

Knowing when the service is due?

Know what there Vehicle takes/ Petrole,/ Diesel and where it goes?

Know where and how to check / Oil, Water, Brake Fluid and Water for the Wipers?

Know what Air Pressure goes in the tyres,for there Vehicle and how to do it?

Does the Technician know what to do and who to call when the vehicle is broken down?

Height of Vehicle on Dash and take 5 signs as well?

Service sticker affixed

Storage of Clean and dirty units differentiated?

Heavy items stored low in Vehicle?

Storage boxes used for small loose items?

No rubbish to hamper storage?

Documentation in Vehicle/ Red Alert Book, Leads Book and Service Docket book?

Fleet card?

Fleet management drivers guide?

Street directory present and in workable condition, less than 3 years?

SHE Companion in vehicle containing up to date MSDS & SWMS and SOPS in good condition?

Service Companion in Vehicle and in good Condition ?

Myers/Coles Site Risk Assessment Form present?

Big W Maintenance authority form present?

PDA cradle mounted correctly in vehicle in good working order and clean?

Charger in vehicle and in good working order?

PDA pouch accessible and in good working order?

Transdata service records

Service frequency?

On line?

PDA signed for each call or Barcode scanned (unless this is physically impossible)?

Contact person name and position present on PDA?

Does the service person validate the service contact name?


Weekly service report Handed in on time?

All sections completed?

Sales Leads : Can describe the current sales lead program in place for service Advisors?

Problem feedback: Are any problems reported to the customer?

Are any problems reported to the service Department through RED ALERT FORM?

Plus by Initial Sanitary Service (OSS)

Does the service Driver have a service trolley?

Is the wheelie bin option utilised when required for loads greater than 4 sanitary or 1 nappy units?

Is the trolley in a serviceable condition?

Unit lid labels: still legible and clean?

Cleanliness of Lids: clean inside and outside?

Cleanliness of Bins: clean inside and outside?

Was the SOP followed in detail to ensure that the unit is cleaned?

Stainless steel surround wiped with suitable oil and soft cloth?

Any Broken Components: Breaks in lids,flaps or bins?

All Auto lids in good working order?

Hygiene Services

Has the service person got all the right service Keys?

Door sign used when servicing washroom?

Service trolley is not used in stairwells?

Safety glasses worn?

Spray and wipe and cleaning cloths present?

Soap consumption is monitored, extra soap is not left as a matter of course?

Nothing is disposed of at the customers premises; all old/used material is to be disposed of at the depot?

All external sanitisers on site

External/internal cleaning of unit?

Brand logo intact and legible?

All cover screws/locks & fasteners fitted?

Does unit operate on flush(& suds in water?)

Pin or digital controller settings correct?

Fluid level OK?

Batteries OK?

Delivery tube serviceable

No cracks/breakages?

Securely mounted to wall surface?

Saddle&stainless steel pipe/seal good?

Sensors in cistern correct & working?

Cistern lid fitting correctly?

Cavity cistern cover plate removed and replaced correctly?

All internal sanitisers on site

Unit located correctly in cistern?

External/internal appearance, cleanliness good?

Label in good condition(please flush)?

Does unit operate on flush(suds in water)?

Fluid level ok?

Cistern lid fitting correctly?

Cavity cistern access to jar good?

All Soap Dispensers on site?

Brand logo intact and legible?

External/internal appearance, cleanliness?

Cover screws or fasteners intac?

No cracks/breakages?

Securely mounted to wall surface?

Correct soap used in unit?

Located over hand basin/bench?

Pump& nozzle operate and clean?

Soap quality & colour consistent?

Mould not evident?

All Vending Machines on site

External/Internal cleaning of machine?

Label/sticker in good condition?

Product labels in goon condition/complete?

Product stacked to read through viewer?

Machine stocked, coins cleared?

Padlocks/door locks secure?

Unit working, test all functions?

Sharps Disposal

Sharps Emergency response kit carried during service?

Exposed syringes picked up with the use of an approved hand tool?

All syringes carried in approved sealed container?

External /internal cleaning of unit during service?

Unit door locks intact and lubricated as required ?

Brand logo intact and legible?

Securely mounted to wall surface?

Cubicle labels fitted where required?

Disposal container fitted into bracket?

Records maintained where required?

All Clinical Waste

Foot pedal units operate correctly?

Correctly sized unit?

Unit cleaned during service?

Label in good condition?

Clinical waste must be carried in. Suitable container,not carried in a plastic bag?

Not disposed in general waste bins?

Secured to wall/floor where required?

Unit in good condition?

All Air fresheners on site

All covers screws,fasteners or locks intact?

Spray interval set correctly?

Securely mounted to wall surface?

External/internal surfaces cleaned during service?

Brand logo intact and legible?

No cracks/breakages?

Fragrances specified on run sheet used during service?

Battery changed as per schedule?

All air fresheners on site (continued)?

Counter re-set last service?

Clock time set correctly?

Fan cleaned at each service?

Gel fragrance replaced at service call?

Battery fitted correctly?

Aerosol operation tested after fitting, moving head to the side?

Correct nozzle fitted to suit unit?

All Descales on site

Is all specified PPE (personal protective equipment ) being used?

Wet all surfaces before using chemicals?

Use appropriate tools to descale surfaces and drain pipes?

Use of door sign to indicate presence in washroom?

Create additional ventilation if possible?

All surfaces Descaled?

Urinal rose fitted and secure after service?

WC seat removed during clean where possible?

Water dispersion pipe?


Step area?

Drain and drain cover?

Wipe away excess water from floor and step of urinal?

Make sure acid, if used, is thoroughly washed away?

Leave the area clean and tidy in general?

At completion of the descaling process,spray aerosol spray to remove odour?

Do not use the customers paper towels ect?

All smokers please on site

External/internal surfaces cleaned during service?

Secured to wall as required ?

All specified PPE must be used during the service?

Unit door locks intact and lubricated as required ?

Waste materials disposed in accordance with handbook?

Ensure all butts are removed from below the unit after the service?

Hardware Installation

Make contact with the nominated customer representative?

Touch button and activity wallet?

Walk around site and discuss placement and installation techniques?

Ensure compliance with all on site safety regulation and inductions?

Units mounted level and correct to suit its application?

Unit installed using the appropriate mounting method?

Unit mounted square to wall/grout lines?

Mounting holes drilled into tile grout lines where possible at all times?

Initial timing set up for all unit at installation?

Correct consumables used for each item being serviced?

All cover screws,fasteners or locks intac?

Secured to wall as required?

Correct unit installed for each location?

Ensure the unit is operating in a manner correct for the installation as per the service handbook?

Service door sign used in all cases?

Uniformity of unit mounting heights throughout site?

Check for cabling and pipes in wall prior to drilling?

Use ELCB extension leads at all times?

All 240 volt hand tools are tested and tagged?

Complete full site survey at completion of installation which includes unit types and models?

Test operation of all units?

At completion of installation advise contact and check satisfaction?

Ensure the area is left in the same state as you found it.clean up all debris and return to depot?


Customers visited as part of this audit

Observations made during the Audit

Please rate the level of service between 1 to 10 with 1 being poor and 10 exceeding expectations.

Enter agreed actions in point form based on audit findings

Service technician has reviewed audit with auditor and signs as confirmation.
Confirmation signature from Auditor
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.