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Machine Fluid & Filter Service

  • 1. Check engine oil level

  • 2. Check engine oil system for leaks

  • 3. Check coolant level

  • 4. Check coolant system for leaks

  • 5. Check that fuel & oil filters are secure & not leaking

  • 6. Check hydraulic oil level

  • 7. Check level of Volvo fuel tank & fill to minimum of 30% capacity

  • 8. Check drain plug tensions on all chem ads, fuel reservoirs

  • 9. Check widescreen washer bottle level is full

Process Equipment Lubrication

  • 1. Lubricate the large hose reel bearing swivel joint with 6 grease pumps

  • 2. Lubricate each of the ANE pump lube points with 6 grease pumps

  • 3. Lubricate the front and rear AN belly auger bearings with 10 grease pumps and then replace nipple with a SS plug

  • 4. Lubricate the upper and lower incline auger bearings with 10 grease pumps and then replace nipple with a SS plug

  • 5. Lubricate the front and rear discharge auger bearings with 10 grease pumps and then replace nipple with a SS plug

  • 6. Lubricate the product pump drive bearing with 4 grease pumps

  • 7. Lubricate the slew drive bearing with 6 grease pumps per nipple

  • 8. Lubricate the hydraulic rotary joint nipple with 4 grease pumps

Cab General

  • 1. Check general tidiness of cab

Machine General

  • 1. Check wheel nut indicators are fitted and aligned to specification

  • 2. Check battery terminals are tight and lubricated

  • 3. Check hoses routing and clamping for potential chaffing and unwanted hose movement

  • 4. Check if all electrical harness terminations have rubber and denzo tape fitted

  • 5. Check if exposed parts are painted per specification

  • 6. Check if all non-painted components have rust preventive coating, per specification

  • 7. Check boom extension cylinder for leaks and chrome condition

  • 8. Check if hand-held fire extinguishers (if fitted) are charged, tagged and dated (must be stamped within the last six months)

Service Platform

  • 1. Check the adjustment of the powered access ladder

  • 2. Check the adjustment of the handrail gate latch. handrail gate must self-latch when closed

  • 3. Check all fall-arrest anchor points are installed to specification requirements. Anchor points must freely rotate. Check I.D. tags are installed with rating and installation date

  • 4. Check all platform electrical and hydraulic connections for tightness

Plate and Films

  • 1. Check the Vehicle Conversion serial number plate is installed and markings are legible. Check extra driver's door VIN plate is added

  • 2. Check the ROPS serial number plate is installed and markings are legible

  • 3. Check if all films are installed on entire machine

  • 4. Check the rear of the process module includes the dangerous goods placarding

  • 5. Check the placard holder on the front of the work platform includes the following placards :<br>1x Yellow Placard ( Oxidizing Agent 5.1 )

  • 6. Check all machine films are clean and legible


  • 1. Check the Emergency Procedure Guides holder is fitted and includes HM23514 Instruction Kit with :<br>* 1x Emergency Procedure Guide - Vehicle Fire<br>* 2x Emergency Procedure Guide - AN and ANE

Machine Functional Tests

  • 1. Inspection and Test Plan (Software Configuration) must be completed prior to these tests

  • 2. Check horn operation

  • 3. Check transmission gear selection operation. Forward - Reverse

  • 4. Check steering and wheel stops operation

  • 5. Check service brake operation

  • 6. Check parking brake operation

  • 7. CHeck reverse alarm operation

  • 8. Check boom extend and retract operation

  • 9. Check operation of camera system. Monitor must display the front camera view as default. Monitor must display rear camera view when reverse gear is selected.

  • 10. Check operation of all lighting, including the flashing beacons.

  • 11. Check operation all gauges and indicators on instrument panel.

  • 12. Check hour meter is operating correctly

  • 13. Check if resettable fuses are fitted to cab

  • 14. Check operation of all circuit breakers in the engine compartment

Orica Safety and Quality Equipment

  • 1. Check the cab includes the following items :<br>* 2x Eyewash bottles<br>* 1x First Aid Kit<br>* 1x MPU Bag (Emergency Kit)<br>* 1x Lanyard

  • 2. Check the quality cabinet beside the product hopper includes the following items :<br>* 1x QA kit<br>* 2x density measuring jug<br>* 1x Alcohol thermometer<br>* 5kg electronic scales<br>* 2kg test weight<br>* 10kg test weight

  • 3. Check if the following are strapped to the storage tray :<br>* 1x 20 liter plastic bucket with lid

Final Inspection & Preparation for Dispatch

  • 1. Check machine is properly washed to remove oils, protective coatings (if required) and other debris.

  • 2. Inspect machine paint quality. Repiar or touch up if required.

  • 3. Check all oil lelvel sight glasses are clean and legible.

  • 4. Check all surfaces & components requiring protection agaisnt ANE corrosion are protected to specification.

  • 5. Clean & adjust all lighting.

  • 6. Clean windows and windscreenusing glass cleaner.

  • 7. Clean entire cab with surface cleaner, ensuring all panels are free from dust marks.

  • 8. Clean & adjust all mirrors.

  • 9. Clean any hand, foot prints or marks from machine.

  • 10. Check if 1kg fire extinguisher is fitted to the cab.

  • 11. Cover 3x dangerous goods placarding, either side of product tank and rear of process fuel tanks

  • 12. Check if the following tanks are empty * Main process tank * Fuel tank * Chem ad tanks * Check if drain plugs are fitted to all tanks

  • 13. Check actual machine build configuration agianst the configuration sheet and sign off configuration. (This must be signed by a supervisor)

  • Take photographs and of overall machine as follows: Machine - Front Machine - RH side Machine - LH side Machine - Rear

MDR Records

  • 1. Engineering department to file the final machine photographs in the Manufacturer Data Record (MDR)


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