• Is the installation adequately supervised?

  • Name of supervisor?

  • Name of subcontractor ?

  • If subcontractor, have we carried out the approval process?

  • List all Operatives Information

  • Add Opperative
  • Name

  • Skills card number

  • Donseed number if on Sainsbury's site.

  • Have tool box talks been carried out?

  • Is any site specific HS&E information displayed?

  • Do the operatives know about them?

  • Are COSSH assessments available & what hazardous substances are being used?

  • Are hot works being carried out?

  • Are gas bottles stored & secured in a safe manner?

  • Please provide details

  • Is a suitable fire extinguisher available at the site of the hot works?

  • Does operative have a current hot works permit?

  • Are operations requiring manual handling being carried out safely?

  • Are safe systems of work being followed?

Personnel Protective Equipment

  • What items of personnel protective equipment are being used by operatives?

  • Which type of gloves are being used?

Working at Height

  • Are ladders being used by operatives?

  • Do the ladders have an up to date inspection sheet?

  • Are podium / hop ups being used by operatives?

  • Do the podium / hop ups have an up to date inspection sheet?

  • Are cherry pickers / scissor lifts being used by operatives?

  • Do the cherry pickers / scissor lifts have an up to date inspection sheet?

  • Do operatives hold the appropriate licence to use this equipment?

  • Are the operatives using the correct personal protective equipment?(eg. Harness)


  • Have all power tools had portable appliance testing carried out?

  • Are power cords in good condition?

  • Are hand tools in good condition?

  • Do operatives have the correct tools for the work to be carried out?

Waste Managment

  • Where is waste put on this site?

  • Does the main contractor segregate waste on site by using separate bins?

  • What is their waste producers number?

  • Do operatives have a current waste carriers licence?

  • What is the waste carriers licence number?

Vehicle Check

  • Is a George Barker vehicle being used?

  • Add media

  • Is a first aid kit available in the vehicle?

  • Is a fire extinguisher available in the vehicle?

  • Is the vehicle is being used for carrying bottles of gas or hazardous substances.
    If so are the ADR labels on the vehicle?

  • Is the vehicle being overloaded?

  • Is the vehicle being kept clean?


General Infomation

  • Good timekeeping

  • Is the work area kept clean & good housekeeping maintained?

  • Is the offloading of cabinets being carried out as set out in the method statment?

  • Are the loose parts being taken care of to avoid damage?

  • Are instructions being followed?

  • Is the correct documentation available at time of audit?

  • What drawing reference are the operatives working to?

  • What take off sheet reference are the operatives working to?

  • Is the method statement available?

  • Installation & User Manuals availble?

Cabinet Installation

  • Are cabinets levelled correctly?

  • Add Example
  • Add media

  • Joints

  • What do the case to case joint look like?

  • Add Example
  • Add media

  • What do the bumper joints look like?
  • Add media

  • What do the fascia joints look like?
  • Add media

  • Are the shelf profiles correct to order?

  • Which profiles have been changed

  • General comments.

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