Public/Worker Protection

  • Is a fence installed around perimeter of construction site?

  • Sidewalk Shed in place for public/pedestrian?

  • Adequate barricades and flag men in place for vehicular traffic?

  • Are workers using proper PPE?

Excavation and Trenching

  • Adjacent buildings/structures undermined?

  • Are materials and equipment located away from unprotected excavation/trench?

  • Are CAZ's in place?

  • Is the excavation/trench adequately protected?

  • Is the egress from excavation/trench adequate?

Crane and Hoisting Equipment

  • Is the crane permitted?

  • Is there a permit for the hoisting equipment?

  • Are Control Zones in place adjacent to crane/hoisting equipment?

  • Are the flag men trained and certified?

  • Is the crane being side loaded?

  • Are the adjacent pick zone areas safeguarded?

  • A tag lines being used when loads are being lifted?

  • Is there a communication plan in place when loads are lifted?

Fall Protection

  • Are leading edges adequately protected?

  • Are workers using PFAS?

  • Are loads along perimeter adequately secured?

  • Are holes covered?

  • Are control lines used for CAZ's with signage?

Housekeeping/Material Storage and Organization

  • Are debris secured and or removed from floors?

  • Is light adequate for workers?

  • Are the egress passageways and stairs and doors adequate/unobstructed?

  • Are materials stored and secured in a safe manner?

Fire Prevention

  • Are Hot Work Permits issued?

  • Are fire extinguishers adjacent to hot work operations?

  • Are standpipe and fire suppression systems in place?

  • Are compressed gasses/fuel/paint properly stored?

  • Are hot work areas protected?


  • Adequately installed?

  • Missing required railing?

  • Defective and or unsafe?


  • Are GFCI's being used?

  • Are lead lines protected?

  • Are Lock Tag Out procedures in place?

  • Are electrical lines protected?

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