Is the designated entrance for the building occupants and construction workers in good repair (unobstructed, signs, illuminated, etc.) ?

Is the delivery entrance unobstructed, free from pedestrian/building occupant's traffic?

Are barricades and flag persons in place for deliveries entering and exiting the site ?

Are construction sign in place in English and Spanish ?

Are the temporary partitions in place and good repair?

Is the temporary protection for the floors, walls, lobby, corridors, doors, equipment, and elevator lobby and cars in good repair?


Are hard hats worn by workers ?

Proper footwear worn by workers ?

Eye protection worn when required ?

Is the respiratory protection in good repair and being used ?

Proper PPE worn during torch use ?

Are trades using hand protection for at risk task ?


Are guardrails in good repair at the leading edge ?

Are hole covered and identified ?

Did their employer provide fall protection training to the worker’s?

Are workers properly wearing and using PFA (harness) and is it properly installed ?

Does extension ladders extend 3'-0" above the access point and is it secure and on a 1:4 angle ?

Is extension and A frame ladders in good repair and properly used?

Are A frame ladders full opened and resting on a secure even surface ?

Are worker using 3 point contact while ascending and descending the ladder ?


Is temporary and existing power lines protected?

Is the temporary lighting in good repair?

Are GFCI's used for power tools and electrical equipment ?

Are guards in place on the power tools ?

Are electrical power panels covers in place ?

Are Lock Out/Tag Out procedures in use ?

Are extension cords in good repair and protected by a GFCI ?


Are PE designed drawings in place for supported/suspended scaffolding?

Does the installation match the drawing?

Competent Person identified?

Are access points (ladders, stairs, ramp) in place?

Are load capacity signs in place at the entry and exit points to the "Dance Floor" scaffolding?

Are materials kept from storage at the edge of the "Dance Floor" platform?

Is the lighting in good repair?

Are hoisting locations on the "Dance Floor" protected?

Is the scaffolding in good repair (plumb, level, guardrails, toe boards, etc.)?

Are daily inspection being performed prior to the scaffold use?

Are workers properly wearing and using PFA (harness) during the assembly/disassembly?


Are fire extinguishers in place for general fire protection and inspected?

Are fire extinguisher in place for hot works?

Flammable & combustible materials removed from hot works area?

Are warning sign in place for fuel storage?

Is spill containment and clean up materials in place?

Are welding blankets or screens used during torch and/or arc welding use ?


Are the areas secured from the building occupants and/or the public?

Are construction warning signs in place?

Has a asbestos procedure been established for incidental discovery?

Are dust control procedures in place?

Is the housekeeping maintained?

Is the fire protection in place and in good repair?


Is the lighting in good repair?

Are PE designs are in place for rigging?

Has the entry points and routes been determine for the delivery?

Are proper manual lifting methods used for lifting materials?

Are material handling equipment used for materials?

Has a JHA been prepared and approved for the rigging of materials and/or equipment?

Are rigging inspections being performed?

Has a control access zone with signs been established?


Are the building permits valid?

Is the TCC safety program in place at the site (Hardcopy or Electronic)?

Are contractor safety plans in place?

Did the contractors provide a JHA for their construction activities?

Does the contractors HazCom safety plan meet OSHA the standards?

Is there a list of designated contractor competent persons?

Are weekly safety meetings being held?

Are contractors toolbox safety meeting up to date?

Are accident/incident reports on site?

Did project remain accident free this quarter? If not where there any lost time or recordable incident/s

Did any near misses occurred this quarter?

Was project citations/violations free for the month?


Are project team members participating in the contractors safety meeting?

Are safety observations/walk through being performed by the project team?

Are project team members reviewing the contractors JHA?

Was a safety incentive award presented during this visit ? What's was the task/behavior recognized ?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.