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Audit to comply with ISO 14001 and ISO45001


  • Pick an employee, have they received a SHE induction upon commencement of employment?

  • Has the employee completed Weir Zero Harm eLearning modules within 3 months of employment?

  • Pick an operator completing a task, have they received the necessary Training?

  • Are workers aware of the "Stop the Job" procedure? How is this communicated to them?

  • Pick an employee, how can any SHE issues or improvements be raised?

  • Where can you find feedback from these issues or improvement ideas?

Hazard Identification

  • Observe an employee, Has a Risk Assessments been completed and communicated for the task they are conducting?

  • Are the employees following the control measures?

  • What PPE is the employee wearing?

  • Is the employee wearing the correct PPE from the PPE Assesssment?

  • Have COSHH Assessments been completed and communicated to employees using the Substance?

  • Are the employees following the control measures?

  • Are the employees wearing the required PPE / RPE

  • Are substances put in the COSHH cupboards when not in use?

  • Are Area Hazards displayed by appropriate signage?


  • Pick a piece of Machinery, what guard is currently in place?

  • Are employees completing TPM (total productive maintenance) checks

  • Have Forklift, Pedestrian Powered Trucks and MEWPs been inspected before use?

  • Pick an OHGC or Jib Crane, how many days since it was inspected

  • Pick a lifting attachment, what is the colour tag attached? Does this conform to the lifting colour poster displayed in the area?

Emergency Procedures

  • Pick an employee, Are they aware of their nearest emergency exit?

  • Is the employee aware of their Assembly Point

  • Does the employees know when the fire alarm is tested?

  • Does the employee know who the Fire Wardens are in the area?

  • Do employees know what to do in the event of a flood?

  • Pick an employee, do they know who the First Aiders are for the area?

  • Is the employee aware of how to report a Accident?


  • Is the work area clean?

  • Are aisles and passageways kept clear of obstructions?

  • Are permanent aisles and passageways clearly marked?

Environmental Hazards

  • Is waste segregated and labelled correctly?

  • Do employees know where waste is to be taken?

  • Are spill kits easily locatable and stocked?

  • Is equipment that can be switched off, switched off when not in use?

  • Pick an employee, do they know what to do in the event of a spill?

  • Is there any foul odour or visible emissions in the area?

  • Pick an employee, are they aware of the permit?

  • Pick an employee, are they aware of the permit curfew?

Management systems

  • Pick an employee, are they aware of the SHE Policy?

  • Where would you find the SHE policy?

  • Pick an employee, what are some of our significant aspects and impacts?

  • Speak to a member of the area management, are they aware of management of change and the process?

  • Speak to an employee, are they aware of the objectives and targets?

  • Pick a document off the SQCDP board, what revision is it, is this the most current document control revision?

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