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Quality Management Systems

  • Does the factory have a dedicated and appropriate process flow diagram chart/factory map indicating the area, machines, critical control points and sections dedicated to claimed material?<br><br>Check Point :<br>1- Plant Layout<br>2- Manufacturing Control Plan<br>3- Process Flow Chart

  • Does the factory have a documented, effective implemented document control with retention policy, including current version, record keeping/timeline and proper disposal?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1. Record retention policy document

  • Does the staff in charge of critical control points within the factory understand the purpose and requirement of the processes as defined in their SOPs, guidelines and procedures?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1. Duly Signed Training Records<br>2. Organization Chart and Roles & Responsibilities<br>3. Claim certification standard SOP

  • Does the factory have a documented procedure for seeking approvals from their certification bodies for logo usage?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Documented procedure or equivalent<br>2- Logo approval records (if any)

  • Does the factory have a documented procedures of the factory to Identify and handle nonconforming material at incoming and outgoing stage?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Formal documented procedures for treatment of nonconforming material received and dispatched

Supplier Management

  • Does the supplier have an authorized list of raw material suppliers having information pertaining to their name, location and the kind of material procured?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Authorized supplier list including any relevant subcontractor list

  • Does the factory have a documented qualification criteria for adding/removing raw material suppliers from its authorized list before initiating purchases?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Copy of Supplier's certificate<br>2- Supplier evaluation report or template

  • Is incoming raw material verified against all the requirements as stated in factory PO aligning the certification standard?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Incoming material inspection process required and optional to upload any other evidence such as declaration from the supplier, transaction certificate, invoices, etc.

Raw Material

  • Does the factory have designated areas to store or stack the claimed material to avoid mixing/contamination and maintained effectively?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- SOP/guidelines indicating the segregation techniques such as for example, are wise, color coding, batch accounting, etc


  • Does the factory ensure that claimed material is kept clearly identified from unclaimed/material with different claim so as to avoid any mixing or substitution?<br><br>Check Point: <br>1- Photographs on floor instructions, SOPs and WIP storage area

  • Does the factory test its end to end internal traceability system at a regular frequency to ensure it works and maintains detailed documented records of such evaluations?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Internal traceability audit procedures<br>2- Internal audit reports and supporting evidences

  • Does the factory have material consumption sheet to explain how much claimed material is needed for program in scope and If the material stock found sufficient according to consumption need?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Consumption calculation sheet<br>2- Supporting documentations: raw material receipt records, inward registers, issuance slips, outward registers, suppliers' sales invoices, wastage records

  • Does the factory have a bill of materials (BOM) or similar documentation describing content and source of each raw material component in a product?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Bill of Materials

  • Does the factory maintain a documented list of machines identified for the production of claimed materials?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Machine List

  • Does the factory maintain records for scrap/waste generated, reused and sent to disposal, incineration or additional recycling?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Waste Disposal Records with conversation rate

  • Does the factory follow a mixing plan, Mass Balance formula enabling to identify the connection to mother lots of the raw material utilized and blend ratio produced for final product?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Mass Balance Sheet

Final Product Packaging and Storage

  • Are finished goods appropriately stored to avoid damage and deterioration?<br><br>Check Point: <br>1- Photographs of finished material stocking area


  • Does the factory have a valid certification/ license and material scope (as per online database) from an authorized/ accredited certifying organization pertaining to the product claim?<br><br>Check Point: <br>1- Valid certification/license

  • 2<br>Has the factory rectified all the nonconformities and implemented effectively the corrective actions as identified during its last third party certification audit prior to Target’s Claimed Material Assessment?<br><br>Check Point:<br>1- Latest third party certification audit report<br>2- Latest third part nonconformity report<br>3- Supportive evidence submitted by the factory

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