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  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Personnel

Vehicles- Pre-Trip

  • A Pre-Trip inspection was conducted on vehicle before beginning the trip?

  • <br>A Journey management meeting was conducted and documented before beginning the trip?

  • Equipment and supplies are secured by a cargo net or properly strapped?

  • Tractor and trailer paperwork is in the tractor cab?

  • Drivers record of duty status is current indicating last status change?

  • Registration current on trailer and tractor?

  • Annual inspection is current on tractor and trailer?

  • Other?

Vehicle Interior

  • Registration in cab and current?

  • Insurance certificate in cab and current?

  • 5# Fire extinguisher in cab and properly mounted?

  • Safety triangles in vehicle, in good condition and properly mounted?

  • Hazardous Material paperwork and bill of laden in vehicle door?

  • Accident kit in vehicle?

  • Spare fuses and spare bulbs in vehicle?

Pre-Job safety

  • Job hazards identified based on services to be performed?

  • PIC-Person in charge was identified?

  • JSA was completed properly and signed by all crew members?

  • Responsibilities/ Task outlined and delegated to responsible person ?

  • Restricted work areas identified?

  • Crew is working safely ?

  • Other?

Safety Equipment used

  • Hard hats?

  • Safety glasses?

  • Hand protection/ gloves?

  • Hearing protection?

  • Respiratory protection?

  • Gas monitors?

  • Fire extinguishers?

  • Safety Harness available? Inspected / Current

  • Other?

Rig Up

  • Equipment placement / layout acceptable?<br>

  • Iron certification current?

  • Whip checks on iron?

  • Injector head / BOPS secured properly?

  • 20# Fire extinguishers placed at the left front corner of each piece of equipment ?

  • Crane inspection conducted?

  • Guard rails installed correctly and pinned?

  • Lift sling condition? Identification tags attached?

  • Injector gooseneck pinned?

  • Well head bolted properly?

  • Other?

CT Operators Cab

  • 5# Fire Extinguisher in cabin?

  • MSDS'S in cabin for chemicals on site?

  • Field safety manual available?

  • First aid kit available and properly stocked?

  • Emergency response plane available inclusive of emergency phone numbers available?

  • Other?

Job Execution

  • Job started on time?

  • Employees working as a team?

  • Tools in good working order?

  • Regular check of equipment conducted?

  • Trash picked up? Good housekeeping?

  • Spill kit available in each unit?

  • Spill containment available?

  • Any visible leaks on equipment?

  • High pressure areas flagged or taped?

  • Other?

Outside of Equipment

  • Is equipment clean?

  • IFTA decals attached and in good condition?

  • Vehicle equipment number attached and in good condition?

  • Company logo / DOT number attached and in good condition?

  • Mirrors in good condition?

  • Lights and reflectors attached, working and in good condition?<br>Including License plate lights working?

  • License plates readable and in good condition?

  • Windshield wipers I work and in good condition?

  • Windshield in good condition, free of cracks and distortions?

  • Turn and emergency signals working and in good condition?

  • Fuel tanks, tank mounts, tank caps all attached and in good condition?

  • Chock blocks in vehicle?

  • Placards firmly attached and in good condition and properly mounted and displayed?

  • Mud flaps attached and in good condition?

  • Tire chains in vehicle?

  • Tool boxes uncluttered and have secure kids?

  • 2-20# fire extinguishers on vehicle

Post Job Responsibilities

  • Area policed and cleaned up?

  • All spills cleaned up?

  • Other?

Audit Comments

  • Supervisor comments.

  • Company man comments

  • Site auditor comments.

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