Take a photo of the area, activity or task and discuss the Above The Line Controls with the team.
ITS ESSENTIALS - Are We Working Above The Line?

1. Are we going to be Working at Heights

How is work being preformed ?

Is the EWP set up on a stable surface clear of open edges, pits and culverts

Is there fixed edge protection, no potential to fall

Are the handrails secure, deck, any open penetrations bigger than 200mm X 20mm covered

Is the ladder secured from falling over?

Can anything fall that might strike someone below or damage equipment

All items and materials need to be made secure or prevent the item falling below.

Is their a potential to fall from one level to another?

What controls are in place to prevent a fall?

2. Is activity being preformed Near Mobile Plant

Are controls in place to prevent workers from entering POZ

What controls are being used

Are Controls in place to temporarily halt mobile plant prior to worker entering the POZ

Is positive communication in place between worker and mobile plant

All ground engagement tools / implements been lowered to the ground prior to entering POZ

Plant controls are disengaged to ensure that inadvertent operation or movement cannot occur

Plant operators hands have been visibly removed from the controls

Any motion of the plant has ceased

Will mobile plant need to be reversed?

Spotters are in a safe area clear of the moving mobile plant

The Spotter has been clearly identified by the Plant operator as the person who will guide them.

Spotters remain in line of sight to mirrors

Spotters provide positive communicates to all personnel in area when mobile plant is turning or reversing to keep them clear, until the plant is clear

Reversing plant only moves when asked to.

Are we refueling mobile plant?

Refueling operator has the keys during the whole operation until back in cab.

Plant Operator is in a safe location clear of the refueling area or behind a barrier until operations are completed.

3. Are any Temporary Works being used ie:

- Formwork
- Scaffolding
- Crane or Piling Pads
- Excavation Support
- Lifting Point Design

Are the Temporary Works secure?

Scaffolding secure built on solid ground kickboards secure, tied in mid rails hand rails secure?

Formwork secure from falling

Are lifting points being used?

4. Is work being carried out near Live Services

Have all known services been physically identified and operators know the safe approach distances?

5. Working Near Live Traffic

Have suitable barriers been erected to protect workers

6. Does work involve Mobile Cranes or Lifting Operations

Is the crane working on level ground?

Has the weight of the item to be lifted identified and not beyond the SWL?

Is the load secure from falling or striking anyone or anything

If picking and carring is the weight being lifted at a maximum 66% of the SWL limit?

7. Does the activity involve working on or coming in contact with Live Electricity

Is a RCD unit in place and has been checked?

Have all energy sorces been isolated

has there been a test for dead prior to work

Work Area, Environment, Weather

Housekeeping is well controlled

Waste is placed in the bins provided

All Leads are off the ground

Tools and materials are stored neatly and away from walkways

Plant, tools and equipment being used are correct

Will this activity involve dirt being tracked on to the road? Are controls in place to wash and check wheels?

Is access egress from the area suitable for the workers or Plant operations?

Are we going to be affected by noise, vibration, temperature, dust, weather, wind? What should we protect ourselves with?

Do the workers know to stop if the work is unsafe or at risk, and only restart when the activity / task has an above the line control?

Any new Hazards from the previous shift?


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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.