Site Overview

  • Where are the manuals kept

  • Are the books in a tidy and legible format?

  • Is the site manager happy with the service?

  • Is there evidence of the water treatment company using Verisae?

  • Are there any other H&S Concerns relating to water treatment?

Plant Room / Water Treatment Area

  • What chemicals are used including Bromine?

  • Are there copies of risk assessment and method statements for decanting chemicals?

  • Are there any faults with dosing pumps?

  • Any leaks from chemicals?

  • Is the area clean and tidy?

  • Are the chemicals closed and bunded?

  • Are COHSHH and MSDS present only for chemicals in use?


  • Any evidence of leaks?

  • Are louvers in good condition?

  • Is water pump and associated pipework free form leak?

  • Is tower free from leaks?

  • Are drift eliminators clean?

  • Are spray nozzle in working order?

  • Is access to gantry safe and secure?

  • Is condenser area free from rubbish?

  • If access is restricted to ladders are keys available?

  • Is brominator and pipework in good working order?

  • Are condenser drains capped?

  • Are drift eliminators able to be accessed safely

Site Details

  • Are the site contacts up to date?

  • Is the RMC introduction available?

  • Is the registration available for all towers?

Legionella Risk Assessment

  • When was the risk assessment created?

  • Is the risk assessment out of date?

  • Have latest remedial action been updated recently?

  • Does risk assessment reflect the amount of towers, make and model on site?

  • Are the nominated authorities in risk assessment up to date?

  • Is management procedure and reporting chart up to date?

  • Does the survey information contain the correct information?

  • Does the risk assessment show all nursing homes, hospital and areas of dense population in 1000m radius?

  • Are all check points in the risk assessment correct?

  • Is condition of condenser components correct?

  • Is recirculating systems document correct?

  • Is there a summary of risk in risk assessment?

  • Has the risk assessment been signed by the water treatment company and responsible person?

  • Do photos show current conditions of towers?

  • Is there an up to date schematic of each tower?

  • Does the drawings show sample points with pictures?

Written Scheme

  • Does the written scheme show the correct number of towers and towers details?

  • Does the written scheme show procedure for shutting down towers in an emergency?

  • Is the recommended maintenance schedule correct?

  • Does the water treatment program state any risk in the make-up of supply in composition?

  • Does current chemical treatment match what is in use?

  • Is there any action chart showing what action needs to be taken if microbial has a high count?

  • Does the written scheme show clean and disinfection schedule?

  • Does the written scheme review periods?

  • Does the written scheme show action to be taken if suspected or actual break in the area occurs?

  • Does the written scheme show detailed overview of risk assessment?

Management Structure

  • Is the nominated person list up to date?

  • Have all the nominated person signed the acceptance?

  • Does the nominated person list show who is trained?

  • Is there a site responsibility chart in place?

  • Does responsibility chart detail what people are responsible for?

  • Has the responsibility chart been updated in the last 6 months?

Lines of Communication

  • Is there an up to date escalation procedure?

M.S.D.S/COSHH Assessments

  • Does all the MSDS and COSHH match what is on site in risk assessment and written scheme?

Review Meetings

  • Has a code of conduct been done in the last 12 months?

  • Have all review action from the last code of conduct been actioned?

  • Does the condition report show any outstanding issues?

Code of Conduct

  • Is the LCA certificate in date?

  • Until when is the LCA certificate valid?

  • Is there a recommended code of conduct providers’ sheet?

  • Are sub-contractors certificates available? (Please note what they are)

HSG274 Part 1 Technical Guidance Document

  • Is a copy available?

Operator Reports (Weekly Reports)

  • Is there an emergency shut down available?

  • Are all weekly service reports available?

  • Do any abnormal headings show action taken/required on service sheet?

  • Are all weekly visits available in colour?

  • Are there any concerns with weekly reports?

  • Are all sheets signed by Site and RMC as being accepted?

Service Reports (Monthly Reports)

  • Are all reports present in the last 2 years?

  • Any issues identified?

  • Are there any trends that show concern?

  • Are all sheets signed by Site and RMC as being accepted?

Visit Reports

  • Is there an updated to date remedial action list?

  • Are all remedial done?

Inventory Reports

  • Is there an up to date inventory for this month?

  • Does stock show good level?

Dipslide Chart(s) & Component Trend Analysis

  • Have Dipslide been recorded weekly?

  • Are there any abnormalities or inconsistent reading?

Legionella Screening

  • Has a legionella sample been taken in the past 3 months?

  • Please provide the latest date of legionella sample taken in the past 3 months

  • Are the latest lab results available?

  • Are all legionella sampling records available?

Cleaning and Disinfection Records

  • Have the towers had clean and disinfection in the last 6 months?

  • Is the last clean and disinfection report available?

  • Does the report show a coloured picture, before and after?

  • Are all previous clean and disinfection reports available for the last 2 years?

Method statements and Risk Assessments

  • Is there a method statement and risk assessment available for the clean and disinfection of the towers?

  • Has the method statement and risk assessment been reviewed in the past 2 years?

  • Are the risk assessment and method statement available for weekly and monthly visits?

  • Has the method statement and risk assessment for weekly and monthly visits been reviewed in the past 2 years?

  • Is there a method statement and risk assess for chemical decanting?

  • Has the method statement and risk assessment been reviewed for chemical decanting in the past 2 years?

Maintenance Schedule

  • Is the schedule available?

  • Is there a procedure for shutting down and starting towers?

Water Treatment Application

  • Is there a copy of the service agreement for towers?

  • Is there an up to date annual planner for current year?

Other Information

  • Is the certificate available for everyone on responsible person list?

  • Are there any technical documents to support towers and water treatment system?

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