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Prior To Work Starting

  • Was quotation submitted on time and to specification?

  • Can you please give details

  • Were you happy with communication and execution prior to the job starting?

  • Can you please give details?

  • Were RAMS submitted for review and acceptance prior to the job starting?

  • Were engineers suitably inducted prior to job starting?

  • Were all parts delivered in an acceptable manner prior to the job starting?

  • Please score the actions prior to this job starting from J&E Hall (1 being extremely poor - 10 being excellent)


  • Were engineers familiar with the work on commencement of the job?

  • Please give feedback

  • Were you happy with how the job progressed?

  • Please give feedback

  • Did you receive any communication from the management team during the work?

  • Did the job achieve the specification?

  • Please give feedback

  • Did the work overrun for any reason?

  • Please detail reasons

  • Please score the satisfaction of the engineers completing job (1 being extremely poor - 10 being excellent)


  • Were all work areas left in a clean and tidy manner?

  • Please detail with pictures if possible

  • Was all paperwork left completed and copies left with customer?

  • Please Give Details

  • Please score the overall satisfaction of this job (1 being extremely poor - 10 being excellent)

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