Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Information

  • Job Title

  • Document No.

  • Date Created

  • Location
  • Supervisor Name

  • Supervisors Number

  • Prepared by

  • Division

  • Branch

  • Branch

  • Branch

  • Work Center

  • Work Center

  • Work Center

  • Office

Risk Assessment

Hazards identified and controls implemented.

  • List the major steps of the task.

  • Step
  • Describe Step.

  • Identify and assess hazards.

  • Hazard
  • Injury Code.

  • Hazard associated with injury code.

  • What is the likelihood of a injury, illness or property damage occurring?

  • If a injury, illness or Property Damage were to occur how severe would it be?

  • Using Risk Assessment Matrix, what is the Risk Assessment Code?

  • Select the type of control you will use to mitigate the risk and describe.

  • Describe


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is PPE Required

  • Select PPE Required


  • Is Training Required?

  • Type of Training

  • "Other" Specified


  • Is Special Equipment Required?

  • Select

Inspection Requirements

  • Are there requirements to conduct inspections?

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