• Safe Work Permit #:

  • Supporting Info

  • Supporting Info

  • Job Description

  • CF Personnel / Contractor

  • Conducted on

  • Max Rivera

Job Safety Audit

  • F.T.R.A. Completed:

  • W.H.A.T. Completed:

  • Contractor JSA completed

Emergency Response

  • Do Employees know nearest Shelter in Place?

  • Do employees know nearest Rally Points?

  • Do Employees know where Nearest Safety Shower is?

  • Do Employees know where nearest EEBA's are?

  • Do Employees know where nearest Fire Extinguisher is?

Type of Work:

  • Cold Work?

  • Hot Work

  • Precautions Noted on Permit

  • Fire Watch noted on Permit / Log

  • Confined Space

  • Confined Space Permit issued

  • Atmospheric Testing performed

  • Does it require Continuous Testing?

  • Rescue Plan available

  • EHS Signature

  • Excavation

  • Excavation perimit issued

  • Excavation Permit #:

  • Line Break

  • Appropriate PPE for Chemical Exposure?


  • Positive Observations:

  • Positive Rewards:

  • At Risk Observations:

  • Corrective Action:


  • CF Contact:

  • Name

  • Contractor Supervisor:

  • Name:

  • Completed by: Max Rivera

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