8.1.1 Main Entrance& Exit - floors mopped, veneer polished, glass sliding doors cleaned and wiped, signs dusted and polished

8.1.2 Automatic checkin kiosks/stands - dusted and polished. tiles mopped clean, foot rails cleaned and polished, empty bins, FIDS screens dusted and black glass panel cleaned and finger print free.

8.1.3 Check in Counters & Baggage Loading Area- all Corian counters cleaned. Computer fittings dusted and cleaned. Weighing scales cleaned and polished. Foot rails cleaned and polished. Glass wall panel and veneer clean and dusted, finger print free. Chairs dusted and cleaned. Floor tiles mopped clean . Empty bins , FIDS Screens dusted, stainless steel skirting clean and polished.

8.1.4 Seating/ Waiting Area- Furniture dusted, polished and cleaned. FIDS & TV screen dusted and cleaned , wall panels cleaned and polished. lamps cleaned and dusted , art work ornaments cleaned and dusted, floor skirting cleaned and polished . Floor mopped dry and clean. Foster images dusted and clean.

8.1. 5 Ticketing Desk /Reception - reception desk, wall panels& cupboards dusted and clean, TV screen dusted and clean. Floor tiles mopped, veneer and glass panels polished , empty bin, glass finger print free . Computer fittings dusted and clean.

8.1. 6 IT storage area - organized, floor & walls cleaned . Clear of all obstructions and rubbish .

8.1. 7 Safety Inspection - All hallways, passages and emergency exits free of obstructions, keep all chemicals and equipments stored properly and locked away as per COSHH requirements . Cleaning equipments & machinery are kept in safe and clean condition.


8.2.1 Deep Cleaning - furniture vacuum under seat . Detail dusting and wiping of ledges / architraves / deep clean ornaments etc .

8.2.2 Safety Inspection - All equipments stored and kept in a safe manner and not obstructing any emergency access or egress ways


8.3.1 Dusting - Deep Cleaning dusting of pictures , mirrors , wall hangings and signs, fire extinguishers , high level areas including light fittings , high ceiling edges etc.


8.4.1 Scrubbing and polishing of floors - deep cleaning of all floor surfaces incl. stain removal and specialist cleaning of floor finishes as per the manufacturers guidelines

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