Percentage of Inspection Results

Section 1 - Documentation

1.1 - Safety Training and Inductions

  • Training records present

1.2 Safe Work Instructions/Risk Assessments

  • SWI & RA for chemicals/equipment/processes

  • Dated within last 3 years

1.3 Chemical Register/MSDS

  • MSDS sighted/available found in Safety Database

1.4 Inspections

  • Records present

  • Evidence of actions

1.5 Emergency procedures

  • Emergency booklet by phone

  • Floor plan visible

  • Area emergency procedure posted

  • Wardens identified

Section 2 - Emergency Equipment

2.1 Safety showers/Eye wash

  • Accessible (clear path)

  • Operational

  • Tested

2.2 Fire extinguishers

  • Accessible

  • Appropriate

  • Tagged

2.3 First aid

  • Kits within 20 metres

  • Modules/size appropriate to area

  • Stocked and within expiration date

  • First Aiders identified

2.4 Ergonomic Conditions

  • Noise

  • Lighting

  • Ventilation

  • Heat/Cold mitigation

Section 3 - Chemical, Waste - Storage and Handling

3.1 Storage

  • Chemical stored according to Monash's guidelines

  • Incompatibles segregated

  • Chemicals in use labeled and stored in closed vessels

  • Bulk storage - handling issues

3.2 Spill kits

  • Available

  • Appropriate to the substances present in work area

  • Spill management procedures visible

3.3 Gas cylinders & Gas lines

  • Gas cylinders secured

  • Connections secure and tubing suitable for pressure

  • Appropriate gas detector is available

  • Oxidising & Flammable gases segregated

3.4 Cryogenic liquids

  • Stored in appropriate vessel

  • PPE available

3.5 Waste chemicals storage - labelled waste vessels

  • Vented caps & Plastic bottles used unless chemically incompatible

  • Designated and labelled storage vessels

Section 4 - Other Hazards

4.1 Manual Handling

  • Heavy items stored low

  • Lifting devices available

4.2 Biological Hazard

  • Are there any Biological hazards

4.3 Ionising radiation

  • Is there any Ionising radiation

4.4 UV Radiation

  • Is there any UV Radiation

4.5 Lasers

  • Are there any Lasers

4.6 Personal protective equipment

  • Available

  • Appropriate

  • Condition

4.7 Signage

  • Dangerous goods

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Hazard alert

  • Permits to operate attached to rigs

Section 5 - Electrical and Machinery

5.1 Appliances

  • Tested & tagged

  • Condition

5.2 Fume Cupboards

  • Sash height level with yellow diamond

  • Tested annually

  • Storage minimised and no items close to leading edge

5.3 Refrigeration/freezing devices used

  • Used appropriately

  • Signed where required

  • Seals on doors are in good condition

5.4 Machines/rigs fitted with

  • Guarding

  • Emergency stop features

  • Isolation capabilities

Section 6 - Housekeeping & Hygiene

6.1 Non power equipment (including glassware)

  • Appropriately stored, used and in good condition

6.2 General area

  • Is the general area clear from obstruction

6.3 Storage

  • Are cupboards/racking/other storage devices utilised

  • Bench storage minimised

6.4 Housekeeping (i.e doorways, aisles, landings)

  • Floor space, exits, isles clear from obstruction

  • Waste receptacles clearly identified

  • Confirm there are no visible spills and stains

  • Confirm appropriate cleaning supplies are available

6.5 No food in work area

  • Confirm there is no food in the work area

  • Miscellaneous notes

Signed off

  • Inspection Team Member

  • Inspection Team Member

  • Inspection Team Member

  • Inspection Team Member

  • Lead Inspector

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