39.8. Laundries and Dry Cleaning Operations Checklist.

  • 39.8.1. Are plumbing and appliances installed IAW AFI 32-1066, Backflow Prevention Program?
    Reference 39.2.4

  • 39.8.2. Are signs prominently displayed reminding workers to wash their hands after using toilet
    facilities? Reference 39.2.6 AFI91-203 15 JUNE 2012 819

  • 39.8.3. Is ingestion and preparation of food items prohibited in working areas? Reference 39.2.7

  • 39.8.4. Are separate areas provided for processing clean and dirty clothing? Reference 39.2.8

  • 39.8.5. Is proper ventilation provided to remove hazardous vapors and excess moisture from the
    facility? Reference 39.2.10

  • 39.8.6. Are all machine safety devices in place and properly maintained? Reference 39.2.13

  • 39.8.7. Are workers instructed as to the hazards of the work? Reference

  • 39.8.8. Are workers made aware of the required health/safety controls to include PPE? Reference

  • 39.8.9. Are workers informed of the hazards of touching their skin after exposure to dirty clothing?
    Reference 39.3.6

  • 39.8.10. Are BE approved hearing protection devices used when engineering and/or administrative
    controls are not feasible? Reference 39.4.3

  • 39.8.11. Are facility fire detection and protection devices in place and operating properly? Reference

  • 39.8.12. Are fire detection and protection devices tested on a periodic basis IAW appropriate
    references? Reference 39.5.1

  • 39.8.13. Are floors in dry cleaning rooms fire resistant and covered with solvent resistant materials?
    Reference 39.5.4

  • 39.8.14. Are all lint traps and collection points cleaned at the end of each day? Reference 39.6.2

  • 39.8.15. Are hazardous and flammable materials stored IAW Chapter 22 requirements?

  • 39.8.16. Is contaminated laundry from a health care facility received in impervious laundry bags?
    Reference 39.7.2

  • 39.8.17. Are workers trained on the special precautions for handling of contaminated articles?
    Reference 39.7.3

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