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  • Is the operator wearing the correct PPE?<br>Requirement - check data pack and signs in area.

  • Are guards signed correctly?<br>Requirement - check sheets filled out are up to date.

  • Are there any obvious health and safety concerns?<br>Requirement - visual check of area and process


  • Is line sample available?<br>Requirement - green tag on part.

  • Is line sample clearly identified?<br>Requirement - green tag filled out with all information.

  • Is poke yoke working?<br>Requirement - verify with defective parts

  • Is care point and packaging spec available and being adhered to?<br>Requirement - visually check document vs packaging and label.

  • Is all test equipment within calibration?<br>Requirement - check date on label.

  • Are there any extra checks required?<br>Requirement - check for temp ops and special documents are being used.

  • Is the quality station and working area clean and tidy?<br>Requirement - documentation on the board in the right locations, clear and not damaged

  • Are checking fixtures being used, in good condition and correct level?<br>Requirement - first and last off completed, gauge is clean and tidy, part numbers match documentation being used and complete.

  • Is OCC up to date?<br>Requirement - OCC should reflect time of audit and be filled out correctly up to that point.


  • Does the operator know the latest quality concern and understand the care point?<br>Requirement - talk to the operator and ensure they have good understanding.

  • Can the operator carry out checks competently?<br>Requirement - ensure checks are carried out as described by observing operator.

  • Is the operator following the standard operation sheet?<br>Requirement - observe operator and ensure no deviation away from instructions.

  • Are temporary operator instructions still relevant and if so being filled out on Data Collection Sheet?<br>Requirement - operator doing checks and recording findings on documents.

  • Are all parts correctly identified within the cell? (WIP, Sub supplier, Hold, Reject).<br>Requirement - all product must be identified with relevant label in the area.

  • Are all parts correctly segregated with Material Hold Tags?<br>Requirement - Reject product identified clearly with next actions


  • Is the operator on the skills matrix?<br>Requirement - check matrix for name and job.

  • Is the operator trained to carry out this operation?<br>Requirement - observe operator to ensure competence.

  • Ask the operator general questions. Requirement - establish if operator knows the location of the data pack, documents needed, requires increased knowledge or experience.

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