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Fire Safety

  • Is a copy of the most recent FRA available on SAFe?

  • Is LFB access to the block clear?

  • Are escape routes clear of waste/combustibles/storage/trip hazards? (E.g. mobility scooters, bicycles, prams, plants, furniture, security gates etc.)

  • Do the dry/wet riser inlet/outlets appear free from obvious damage/misuse?

  • Are FB door override facilities in working order and free from damage?

  • Have any vents required for smoke control been blocked to prevent draughts?

  • Do windows on stairway open without the use of a key (other than rim lock)?

  • Can all communal fire exit doors/gates on escape routes, be opened immediately without the use of a key?

  • Do communal fire doors have any damage, holes or vents?

  • Are door self-closers fitted to all communal doors and function correctly?

  • Where fitted, are smoke seals in good condition (not painted over or damaged)?

  • Are doors to risers cupboards, electrical cupboards, plant rooms, refuse stores and other ancillary rooms fire rated, in good condition and securely locked?

  • Are riser cupboards free from accumulation of combustible materials?

  • Are refuse chute hoppers in working order and close against seals effectively?

  • Are lumber points sited away from the building (ideally at least 6m away)?


  • Are dry/wet riser inlets clearly marked and visible?

  • Are floor level indicators displayed in stairway and lift lobbies where necessary?

  • Are fire exit directional signs installed, logical, visible and undamaged?

  • Are fire action notices displayed in the block and legible?

  • Are fire action notices display correct information in line with block’s evacuation strategy?

  • Are “Do not use lift in the event of fire” signs in place, where applicable?

  • Are “No Smoking” signs in place in communal areas?

  • Are “Fire doors keep locked” signs in place on all service riser doors?

Plant and maintenance areas

  • Is roof access hatch secure and free from obvious defects?

  • Is hatch door in safe condition?

  • Is gas strut available to support weight of hatch door?

  • Can 3 points of contact be maintained when operating hatch door lock?

  • Is plant room door secure and free from obvious defects?

  • Is ladder provided and in good condition with evidence of recent inspection?

Communal areas

  • Are communal windows equipped with restrictors (do not open <100mm)?

  • Is all glazing in communal doors viewing panel unobscured?

  • Are there any signs of water penetration or algae on walls or pathways?

  • Are any suspect ACM materials identified during inspection in need of urgent remedial action?

Outdoor, gardens and play areas

  • Is suitable and sufficient risk assessment for the play area available on SAFe?

  • Is a copy of play equipment inspection available on SAFe?

  • Is play equipment free from obvious defects?

  • Are outdoor surfaces free from trip hazards?

  • Are garden areas free from overgrown trees and bushes?

  • Are any walls within the boundary of estate with signs of structural damage?

Underground car parks

  • Car park in use?

  • Only complete this question set if car park accessible and in use

  • Is ventilation adequate?

  • Is lighting installed and sufficient?

  • Is sufficient signage installed correctly?

  • Are there any signs of trespassing, misuse of ASB?


  • Are contracotrs works in progress on the estate?

  • Only complete the questions if contractors on site

  • Is a recent H&S site audit report available on SAFe?

  • Are there any obvious H&S hazards that require urgent attention?

Any other observations

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