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  • Dec’17 - 1.0

  • Livestock Express - Short Visit Inspection

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Short visits for CIC


  • All navigation equipment is working condition <br>- Radar (X / S Band)<br>- Echo sounder<br>- Doppler Speed log<br>- ECDIS (Includes eNP updates and ENC updates)<br>- GMDSS

  • Does the SOLAS training contain ship specific information for all safety equipment

  • Able to view the magnetic compass reading from the bridge.

  • Is the SOPEP list of contacts for coastal states up to date.

  • Is there a Declaration of the working language in the deck / engine log book?

  • Is there a procedure for conducting risk assessments and issuing of permits. (Officers to explain this procedures)

  • Are all CoC holders holding a valid Certificate of Endorsement (CoE) in accordance to the Registry of the vessel?

  • Are all records for PMS items in the AMOS logged down in the history for easy reference?<br>- Includes pictures of servicing and service reports from third party Technicians.

  • Are all Filipino crew have a valid POEA?

  • Is the Rescue boat lowered and manoeuvred? Ensure proper records with pictures are in the AMOS. <br>- To Includes inspection of RB equipment being inspected and ready for use

Deck / Engine Room - Walk about

  • Port / Stbd side light compartment painted in mat black?

  • Are all the chrismas tree / navigation lights primary and secondary lights working

  • Are all deck lighting casing cover free of trapped water?

  • Are all deck wiring insulated and earth?

  • Are all garbage bins free of leaks and corrosion?<br>- to also ensure that garbage are properly segregated placed in the proper bins<br>- any excessive garbage are to be stowed in the garbage room and tied up properly with the garbage bags labelled according to the segregation.

  • Are all safe means of access free of any obstruction <br>- to check on Emergency escape hatches and ladders<br>- passage ways

  • Are all fire doors to the accommodation and engine room escape trunking able to close automatically when activated

  • Is the general Housekeeping in the engine room in good condition <br>- No laundry lying around<br>- Any garbage bags with oily rags lying around

  • Is the crew able to demonstrate an emergency steering drill?

  • Is the general Housekeeping in the deck changing lockers in good condition.<br>- Ensure that all sea boots used for hold washing are kept properly and free from any cargo residue <br>- Ensure that all coveralls and clothing are kept in the lockers provided

  • Are all self closing sounding pipes in working condition and with out defects?

  • Is the fire detection system in working condition <br>- Ensure there is no fault on any detectors

  • Are all LSA / FFA equipment in good working condition.<br>- To inspect general condition of equipment are free of corrosion and not ceased.

  • Operating Instructions for all equipment to be in English.<br>- to check resuscitator in hospital and eye wash at various locations

  • Deck / Engine room free of any self modified tools

  • Is the Emergency generator able to put on load<br>- run the gen set and switch over the cargo lighting to the Emergency gen set.

  • Are all water tight doors in the cargo hold able to close and with out defect

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