Access & Egress

  • Walkways clear & free from obstruction?

  • Walkways clearly defined and signed?

  • Stairs & steps clear and free from obstructions?

  • Pedestrians using pedestrian doors?

  • Prohibited areas display warning signs and are barricaded?

Visual Tools & Actions

  • HSE visual management information maintained?

  • HSE Representatives contact information provided and up to date?

  • HSE Committee meeting minutes available and posted?

  • HSE notice boards displaying up to date information?

Housekeeping & Work Environment

  • All waste cleared and disposed of in correctly labelled bins or skips?

  • Materials stacked so as to not cause any hazards?

  • Work area lighting meets LUX level requirements?

  • Work area tidy and free from hazards?

  • Signage in place to keep work areas tidy?

  • Segregated waste bins in place and used correctly?

  • Electrical leads not causing trip hazards?

  • Welfare facilities clean & tidy? (Canteen/kitchenette/Toilets)

Fire Prevention & Fire Safety

  • Fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment available?

  • Fire extinguishers appropriately placed and identified by signage?

  • Fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment are tagged and up to date with servicing?

  • Fire Warden contact information current and posted?

  • Tamper tags are in place on extinguishers and not broken?

HSE Inspections & Monitoring

  • Level 1 HSE Inspections completed as per schedule?

  • Level 2 HSE Inspections completed as per schedule?

  • HSE Committee meeting conducted as per schedule?

  • All identified hazards and actions recorded are tracked & controlled?

Emergency & First Aid

  • All Fire Exit doors are marked and signed accordingly and are free from obstruction?

  • Evacuation Plans are up to date and displayed at all Fire Exits?

  • Emergency phone numbers are displayed on all desk phones?

  • Evacuation drill has been completed within last 12 months?

  • First Aid kits are available and adequately stocked?

  • All First Aid contents are within use by date and in a sterile condition?

  • First Aid Officers are available and appropriate number in place?

  • First Aid Officers details are provided, up to date and displayed in prominent place?

  • Eye wash facilities are available?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Signs are displayed in areas instructing what PPE is required?

  • The required PPE is being worn?

  • PPE is clean and in good condition?

  • PPE is used and stored correctly?

Hazardous Substances

  • All substances are correctly labelled?

  • All hazardous substances are stored correctly?

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all substances and within 5 years of current date?

  • Chemical Risk Assessments are in place for each hazardous substance?

  • All substances are disposed of with accordance to instructions detailed in SDS?

  • All substances are listed in SDS Register?

Manual Handling

  • Mechanical aids used where available?

  • Pallet trucks & Forklifts utilised?

  • Manual handling training completed and practiced?

  • Job rotation undertaken?

  • Lifting equipment used where available?

  • Ergonomic Assessments completed on manual tasks?

Electrical Safety

  • All portable electric equipment display current test & tag?

  • Test & tag register is current?

  • All electrical leads are in good condition?

  • Lock out/Tag out stations available and used correctly?

  • Lock out/Tag out procedure strictly adhered to?

Traffic Management

  • Site traffic plan in place & current?

  • Signs and physical barriers warn of vehicular traffic?

  • Loads secured appropriately while being moved?

  • All persons observing traffic rules?

  • All reversing limited on site and Spotters used to control any reversing vehicles?

  • Site speed limit enforced?

Plant, Machines & Equipment

  • All machines appropriately guarded?

  • Emergency stops visible & accessible?

  • Interlock mechanisms in place (check condition & position)?

  • Pre-start checks completed on all plant/machinery & lifting equipment?

  • Pre-start checks recorded daily and verified by Supervisor at least once per week?

  • Lifting equipment/accessories register in place and up to date?


  • Work Instructions for tasks/processes in place and current?

  • Safety Policy displayed and current?

  • Environment Policy signed, displayed and current?

  • Risk assessments reviewed & updated as per schedule?

  • All items stored in racks above head height are secured (shrink wrap/strapped/box-in-box)?

  • All racking supports have collision barriers installed where forklift trucks are active?

Safety Culture & Behaviour

  • Toolbox talks completed and attendance recorded?

  • All employees promote safe working practices and lead by example?

  • All hazards//incidents are reported within 24 hours?

  • All hazards/incidents are investigated within 48 hours?

  • All near misses are recorded?

  • All safety & environment actions are completed as per agreed dates?


  • All chemicals stored in bunded areas?

  • Spill kits available with tamper proof tags?

  • Internal storm water drains located and sealed?

  • External drains protected against potential contamination?

  • Site waste plan in place and current?

  • All waste streams and types identified?

  • Waste types segregated and disposed of correctly?

  • Records available for all waste disposal contractors?

  • All liquid waste adequately bunded?

  • Bins and skips not overflowing or over filled?

  • Prescribed & General waste not mixed?

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