Audit Details & Summary

This Audit Covers


Site address

Job number

Scope of works

Proportion % of areas witnessed during audit

Acceptance of audit findings


Pre - Start Health & Safety Assessment

Training file

Experience / Training of surveyor

Does the surveyor have a site specific method statement and associated risk assessment for the task on site ?

Is the RAMS used the latest controlled version? please detail issue/revision no

Risk assessment completed and signed in arrival by surveyor?

Has the surveyor been given access to the current asbestos data and plans (if required) to undertake the reinspection?

Has the surveyor been given any previous asbestos abatement records/details to update the survey data accurately?

Before start, all limitations accepted and scope of works understood by the surveyor?

Have the works been been thoroughly planned by the PM and fit for purpose ?

Has the project manager identified all forseable hazards and have suitable control measures been detailed?

Has the surveyor identified any additional hazards that were not originally highlighted and has it been amended to suit?

Is the RAMS being used over several days / several sites; if so review relevance of RA and limitations?

Are safe access and egress routes available and are they free from slip,trip and fall hazards? If the surveyor is reliant on other contractors for safe access please detail If safe and suffice for the task

Does the surveyor have all necessary PPE / RPE and is it suitable , being worn and used correctly?

Does the surveyor have the current HSEQ Manual and guidance documents?

Is the survey kit in line with the master survey kit list?

Has the surveyor completed all necessary pre - start inspections of equipment and all labelled correctly?

Has the surveyor used all tools and access equipment safely?

Ladder No:

Next Ladder Inspection date:

Photograph of ladder/s if required

Mask identified unique to surveyor

Photograph of mask/s if required

Have mask inspections been completed for the day and up to date?

Photographs of kit if required

When quizzed about general knowledge on asbestos , asbestos types, health effects, control limits, RPE and mask APF were answers adequete ?

Was the surveyor wearing appropriate clothing and have identification?

Did the auditee conduct himself appropriately on site including interaction with others?

Was all generated waste packaged correctly and removed from site according to current guidance and regulations? If not witnessed then discuss protocol and detail findings

Bulk Sampling

Materials sampled on audit
Photos of sampled materials

Have details on sample bag/s been completed as per the requirements? (Inner bag and main external bag)

Non essential personnel excluded from sampling area?

Warning signs posted in occupied areas?

Sample size representative of parent material and sufficient in mass for product?

Sample point suitably repaired and if required a sample point label applied with the required information ?

Was sampling conducted safely with the appropriate control measures utilised to prevent the spread of asbestos?

All equipment cleaned and sampling area checked after sampling?

For materials not witnessed on the audit is the surveyor familiar with sampling strategies for other materials and what the control measures are ?

Samples stored and marked correctly to ensure information can be read without opening outer bag?

Reinspection Assessment

Has the surveyor explained what is required with Client/Occupier so that they understand the extent of survey? (subject to conditions as detailed in method statement)

Site walk through been undertaken?

Site plans (provided/drawn/floor plan creator ) if drawn is it an accurate reflection of the site and are details recorded as per requirements?

Project set up data fields being completed in order?

Are completed material assessments and if applicable priority assessment s accurate?

Has survey item data ie descriptions , survey approach, extents been recorded correctly?

Are reccomendations suitable ?

Are areas of no access or limited access being recorded correctly and justified?

Are all photographs suitably clear and highlight location?

Surveyor aware of looking for associated debris from sampled products? ie from installation or historic damage

Has or is the surveyor aware to report any areas of high risk to the client or project manager? I.e suspect debris

Has the surveyor accessed all areas required for the reinspection survey?

If previous non accessed areas have been accessed and surveyed is the surveyor signed off for that building type?

Was any decontamination undertaken suitably where required ? Cleaning of RPE after sampling etc

Vehicle Audit

Vehicle make , model and Reg no


Last service if known

Do any warning signs appear what the engine is switched on?

Are there signs of smoking in the vehicle?

Condition of tyres satisfactory? Staff should have depth tread gauge in car

Does the surveyor have all the following : Handbook,company policy, accident book and fuel card

Cleanliness of car

Car Check
Van Check
General Condition of vehicle
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.