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Lightning Protection System

  • Are personnel from the testing agency familiar with lightning protection systems? AFI 32-1065 para. A5.2.

  • Are test/inspections accomplished at the required frequency at all Non-hazardous Explosive Areas? AFI 32-1065 Table 1

  • Are tests conducted with the proper test instruments? (Note: Instruments must be able to measure 10 ohms + 10% for ground resistance tests, and 1 ohm + 10% for continuity testing) AFI 32-1065 para. 8.

  • Are personnel conducting the tests familiar with the location of test points and the relationships between various components of the system being tested AFI 32-1065 para. A5.8.

  • Are the test and inspection records kept for a minimum of 6 inspection cycles? AFI 32-1065 para. 4.3. & AFMAN 91-201 para. 2.23.

  • Is the LPS visually and physically inspected? AFI 32-1065 para. 9.

  • Are repair actions taken to render the facility safe? AFI 32-1065, para. 9.

  • Does the lightning protection record keeping contain the following information? AFI 32-1065 para. 4.1.<br>1. A sketch of the grounding and lightning protection system showing test points and where services enter the facility; does the sketch also show the location of the probes during the ground resistance test?<br>2. Date action was performed?<br>3. Inspector’s or Tester’s name?<br>4. General conditions of air terminals, conductors, and other components?<br>5. General condition of corrosion protection measures?<br>6. Security of attachments for conductors and components?<br>7. Resistance measurements of the various parts of the ground terminal system?<br>8. Variations from requirements of AFI 32-1065?<br>9. Discrepancies noted and corrective actions taken?<br>10. Date of repairs?

  • Is surge protection in place for all incoming conductors? AFMAN 91-201 para. 5.23.5.

  • Are utilities buried underground for a minimum of 50 feet before entering the structure? AFMAN 91-201 para. 5.23.5.


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