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Store Engagement

  • Have all colleagues been trained on lockdown?

  • Have colleagues completed the Click & Learn Modules on Stock control, Modern Stock take and Shrink & Security (Role Specific i.e SM/DM/TL/Stock controller).

  • Is the weekly shrinkage meeting being completed?

  • Have all security guards attended the great guarding training? (where applicable)

  • Does the store have a trained cash admin assistant?

  • Does the store have a trained stock control assistant?

  • Security refresher training (Part of legal 2) has been completed.

  • Can colleagues and management team describe their worst shrinkage areas?

  • Periodic Guarding KPI completed

  • Does the store have minimum of 2 colleagues trained on news & Mags process ?

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Shrink Folder

  • Has the store got a live Deep Dive plan & that has been reviewed by the area manager

  • ACAYG reports have been reviewed weekly

  • Have products on the SRM reports been recounted daily and any discrepancies corrected?

  • Are the security 6 checks being completed on a daily basis?

  • Does the shrink folder contain a minimum of 12 weeks DSS ins/outs? And DSS check list reviewed and signed by SM

  • Have there been any auto-confirmed deliveries in the past 4 weeks?

  • Has there been a news and mags entry each week on the DSS?

  • Coffee machine / staff room transfers actioned accodingly?

  • Are the store MST stock control routines dashboard compliant?

  • Is the store compliant on all News and Mags KPI's? and next steps in place

Cash Management

  • Is the store manager carrying out their daily and weekly check of the Finalisation Report? <br> <br>

  • Are all till shorts/over of £10 and above recorded and next stepped? <br> <br>

  • CLOSED LOOP CASH STORES - are resets being done on every main bank till at the end of each day? <br> <br>

  • Is the store manager carrying out a review of all voids? <br> <br>

  • Is the store manager carrying out a review of all refunds? <br> <br>

  • Is there evidence of interviews taking place following till discrepancies? <br> <br>

  • Are self service routines being completed outside of peak times? <br> <br>

  • Does self service contain less than £1000 in notes? (N/A in CLOSED LOOP CASH STORES) <br> <br>

  • Are all cash routines carried out under dual control and under cctv observation? <br> <br>

  • Have all users of the cash management system signed the password usage policy? <br> <br>

  • Is the 'CMS Users Report' correct and only shows those who are employed in the shop? <br> <br>

  • Are cash pick ups being posted within 20 minutes. <br> <br>

  • CLOSED LOOP CASH STORES - are all tills, including self service emptied and banked at every G4S collection? <br> <br>

  • Are scratchcards held in the dispenser counted every night? <br> <br>

  • Is the cash safe locked <br>


  • Are a minimum of 2 staff searches being carried out by each manager each week? Including visitors, cleaners and at weekends <br> <br>

  • Are all visitors being signed in and out? <br> <br>

  • Are mirrors in the correct locations and are able to be seen from the till area or the front of the shop? <br> <br>

  • Is the CCTV for the store fully working, covers all high risk areas and store. Does the monitor above the till show 4 cctv camera views? leadership team know how to use the CCTV & record? <br> <br>

  • Safe Guard system PA's in use & tested weekly <br> <br>

  • Is the tobacco delivery checked in Line by Line by 2 people under cctv, stored in the safe and dual controlled using black store box? <br> <br>

  • Is there Tobacco stored beind the kiosk? <br> <br>

  • Is the cash office door locked at all times? <br> <br>

  • Are keys and alarm fobs controlled? <br> <br>

  • Security Incidents are recorded <br> <br>

Sales Floor

  • Are all corporate lines/ store specific line security tagged on the shop floor <br> <br>

  • Chewing Gum unit secure <br> <br>

  • Are perspex risers used on high theft areas, H&B, Confectionary, Coffee <br> <br>

  • Is there Security POS on display? <br> <br>

  • Kiosk door secure <br> <br>

  • EAS gates and checkout deactivation unit works <br> <br>

  • Department Key Entry is reviewed weekly and a plan in place to reduce usage <br> <br>

  • Is stock displayed on or next to the self service tills? <br> <br>

  • Are self service PLUs up to date? <br> <br>

  • Is the cashier visually checking the weight variation alarms from self service? <br> <br>

  • Are all colleagues carrying a printed barcode for self service? <br> <br>

Back Areas

  • Are all high value products on locked cages? <br> <br>

  • Is the cleaners cupboard checked weekly for concealment of stock? <br> <br>

  • Is the bakery area, colleague room & cash office clear of stock? <br> <br>

  • Is the click and collect cage secured? <br> <br>

  • Is the store compliant on Click and Collect report? <br> <br>

  • Are all yard areas, RSU and consumable cages clear of any equipment that could allow concealment of stock? <br> <br>

  • Is there evidence of Overstock Investigation being completed? <br> <br>

  • Are odds and discontinued lines controlled? <br> <br>

  • Is the door guard alarmed and the key locked away in the key cupboard?Are all fire doors sealed, and seal number matches number on seal sheet? <br> <br>

  • Is the smoke cloak/DNA box working? <br>

  • Are lockers available for colleague and visitors use and keys left in lockers end of each shift & inspected by the SM on a weekly basis. <br> <br>

  • Do all staff facilities (toilet/staff room) transfers have a sticker over the barcode? <br> <br>

  • Do all colleague purchases have a reciept with them? <br> <br>

Waste Management

  • Is there any evidence of Reduced to Clear items being put to one side & evidence of grazing? <br> <br>

  • Is there a designated area for Emergency Product Withdrawls? <br> <br>

  • Is there any evidence of waste being allowed to build up? <br> <br>

  • Are all waste bins locked? <br> <br>

  • Is all waste bagged in the correct rubbish bags and print sheet attached? Then put in the designated locked cage <br> <br>

  • Has the waste print checked & signed filed for two weeks <br> <br>

  • Loose waste is recorded regularly including Banana & Avocado daily. <br> <br>

  • News and Mags waste has been recorded weekly <br> <br>



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