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Inspection Details

  • Person conducting the inspection:

  • Location:

  • Time and Date:

  • Other personnel attending the inspection:

Access and Signage

  • Are there "No Smoking or Open Flame" signs posted at all approaches to the magazine?

  • Are there"Danger Explosives" signs posted at all approaches to the magazine?

  • Is the WSCC permit for the magazine posted inside?

  • Are the access and egress to and from the magazine free from garbage and debris?

  • Is the magazine securely locked?

  • Supervisor was notified immediately and the door was locked

Housekeeping and Safety Equipment

  • Are the fire extinguishers installed?

  • Have the extinguishers been stamped for the current month?

  • Do the fire extinguishers have an annual inspection tag on them?

  • Any explosive product on the floor?

  • What type of product?

  • Number

  • Kilograms

  • Meters?

Explosive Product

  • Are contents, including returned explosives from the workplace arranged in a clean and organized manner?

  • Is the log book up to date?

  • Is the explosive inventory being rotated so that the oldest stock is always used first?

Sign Off

  • Inspected by:

  • Supervision:

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