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Select an operation/Activity on site and complete the following checklist

  • Have you received a site induction?

  • Do you understand the risks/hazards associated with this operation?

  • Do you understand the method statement for this operation?

  • Have you received any formal training. If yes - what?

  • Have you been told to wear any personal protective equipment for this operations? If yes - what?

  • Is the work being carried out in line with your understanding of the contract service,eve, agreements and key performance indicators?

  • Do you understand the workmanship/service delivery standards required for the work?

  • Is the work being carried out in line with applicable processes and procedures?

  • Have you attended a recent tool box talk for this operation?

  • Have you been made aware of any safety alerts recently? (If one has been circulated)

  • Who is your supervisor on site?

Questions to the supervisor (of the operation)

  • Supervisors name:

  • Is a documented risk assessment available for the activity?

  • Is an approved, documented method statement available for this operation?

  • Are you familiar with the requirements of the method statement?

  • Is the operation being carried out in accordance with the method statement?

  • Is there evidence that the risks and method statement have been briefed?

  • Are you aware of the standards or workmanship/service delivery that have been agreed for the work?

  • Is there a local record of staff and operative training?

  • Is there a record of tool box talks given and the names of those who attended?

  • Have other methods of safety communication been used locally? If yes what?

General comments

  • General comments:

  • Name of person being audited

  • Name of person completing the stop shift audit

  • Date and time

  • DLG-Stop-Shift-Task-Audit_v1.-DLGPT-SSA-001

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