1. Brief introduction session and meeting with all available crew

2. Evergas Vision, Mission, & values discussed with On-board management

Vision - Be the preferred partner and industry leader within global transportation of NGLs.
To excel in the transportation of liquefied gases including LNG with zero incidents and zero spills.
To be an experienced long term partner, providing integrated and technically innovative shipping solutions.
To diligently grow the company’s presence in the 5–85,000 cbm segments across LNG, Ethane and LPG, building on the capabilities and strengths of our Group.
To stay lean, agile, adaptable and efficient – maximizing value creation for our stakeholders.
To provide a challenging and fulfilling working environment for our employees.
Dedication – engaged and experienced team sharing and delivering results.
Experience – combining knowledge with innovation.
Adaptability – a focus on being efficient, service oriented and innovative.
Ambition – a focus on continuous growth in a changing world, properly managed and executed.
Uprightness – do what we say, go by the book. Be honest and accountable.

3. Evergas Policies on Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality discussed onboard

4. Emphasis on Zero Tolerance on noncompliance of Company Policies example - Drug and Alcohol policy, Marpol non-compliance discussed

5. Discuss importance of safe working practices, near miss reporting, on-board safety inspections and planned maintenance system.

6. Where info is available, discussed any unique regulatory requirement to comply with related to vessel's trading pattern/ route

7. Promote Sharing of Good Practices culture and encourage available staff to come up with out the box ideas for sharing with fleet vessels.

8. Interaction with all crew and open dialogue session with crew encouraged to provide feedback and/or suggestions for improvement of company procedures

9. Convey Commitment from top management towards ship staff to promote safe working culture with focus on personal safety and personal protective gear.

10. Discuss Score-cards, KPIs, LTIF and incidents on fleet vessels with / without potential of detrimental effects to reputation of Evergas in industry

11. Feedback obtained from Ship’s Crew and promised to revert with action plan?

12. Notes on the visit including feedback and if any item needs to be shared with rest of the fleet vessels

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