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  • Is the driver trained and licenced to operate the forklift?

  • Have you sighted the drivers licence, is it current and valid?

  • Do not allow driver to drive the forklift


  • Is the forklift given a daily visual inspection?

  • Have you sighted the inspection record?

  • Are the tyres and rims in good condition?

  • Is there adequate engine oil, hydraulic oil, battery fluid, coolant level and hydraulic levels?

  • Are gas bottles secured?

  • Is there any visible damage?

  • Is the locking mechanism working correctly?

  • Is the name plate showing weight capacity and warning signs still attached to the forklift?

  • Is the horn, back up alarm and seat belt operational on the forklift?

  • Is there a current and charged fire extinguisher installed on the forklift?


  • Are the forks of the forklift on the ground when not in use?

  • Is the forklift charger kept away from combustible material?

Servicing & Maintenance

  • Are the service records for the forklifts current?

  • When was the last service conducted by a forklift maintenance specialist?

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