Fire Safety

  • Fire Extinguishers/Alarms/Hose reels are not obstructed and demarcated

  • Fire Extinguisher are checked and report up to date

  • Photo of Fire Fighters Updated (Department)

  • Fire Register Marked Daily (including managers)

  • Exits/ pathway are open and not obstructed

  • Running man stickers / exit directions adequate and not damaged

  • All emergency equipment are demarcated

  • Exit Board are lighting and Exit boards available

  • At least two team members nominated as Fire Fighters/ Shift

First Aid

  • First Aid Box available

  • First Aid demarcation, signage and notice available

  • At least two team members nominated as First Aiders/ Shift , Photos available

  • First Aid Checklists updated

  • Contents of First Aid Box displayed

  • First Aid box completely filled

  • No evidence of Expired Medicine

Personal Protective Equipment

  • All employees are wearing relevant PPE

  • Employee wear PPEs properly

  • All PPEs are stored properly and required storage available

Electrical Safety

  • Flexible cords and cables free of splices, frayed wiring or deteriorated insulation

  • Electrical enclosures (i.e. switches, receptacles, junction boxes, etc.) are provided with tight fitting covers or plates

  • Flexible cords are not arranged in a way which can result in tripping

  • No extension cords used

  • No cartons/ fabric stacked along plug points and panels

  • Adequate signage of electrical hazards

  • Rubber carpets available under electrical panels

Fall Protection

  • Cartons stacked at max 6ft

  • Cartons stacked in safe manner

  • Provided ladders are safe to use

  • All racks are floor mounted and secured

  • All racks are visible with maximum load

  • All mezzanine floors are visible with maximum load and signage / Handrailing / Toe Guard

  • Helmets available and used when required

  • All staircases are safe to use

  • No sharp edges present

Machine Safety

  • All Machine have adequate guarding

  • All machine guards being used

  • Required signages are displayed

  • All employees trained on machine safety

  • Machine handovering inspection has conducted (update)

  • All stand machines are floor mounted

  • All hoisting and lifting machines are safe to use and operators are trained (Fork Lift competency license)

  • All machines safe to operate

Employee Awareness

  • Employee aware of what to do during a fire

  • Employee aware of operating emergency doors

  • Employee aware of the ESH committee Member

  • Employee aware of the nearest Fire alarm/ call point

  • Employee aware of the fire fighters and first aiders

  • Employee aware of the near-miss and incident reporting mechanism

  • Employee aware of the machinery safety, work environment safety

Chemical Safety

  • All chemicals are labelled with HMIS Tags and label

  • Secondary container available with capacity marked

  • Secondary container is clean and free from chemical residue

  • Chemical inventory is maintained and updated and MSDS available

  • Spill Kits filled and instruction displayed with checklist

  • Chemical store in proper place

  • Emergency eye washer available (No obstruct / Signage / Clean / Check List update)

  • No eating drinking and Smoking board displayed


  • All new employees gone through Safety Training before getting assigned any job

  • At least one Near Miss reported from the department

  • At least one safety kaizen reported from the department

  • Department Manager / representative conduct a monthly departmental audit

  • Department manager participate to the weekly GEMBA walk and closed 5 Non-conformity - monthly

  • No work hours violation - Weekly 60Hours/ Daily 12 Hours ( Female) / Monthly overtime - 60 Hours ( Female)

  • Department team members participates ESH committee meeting

Additional Details

  • General Comments/Recommendations


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