• The area is safe and free from hazards

  • Employees within the area understand and demonstrate the key safe behaviours


  • The metal detector is functioning correctly and checks complete in accordance to procedure have been observed, the reject line door is kept locked

Chemical Control

  • All chemicals stored in locked COSHH cabinets when not in use including ink and additive CGEN.04

Paperwork & Documentation

  • All paperwork is on the correct Centuri document number

  • All paperwork is correctly completed and any corrections have been made in accordance with the Paperwork - Record Completion & Maintainance procedure

  • Weight checks complete in accordance with OLYMPAC 24 Sartorius In Line Testing and Reports

  • Each order has been correctly documented, including julien code and box label checks

  • Daily and monthly glass registers are up to date

  • The knife control procedure is being followed and all documentation is up to date

Hygiene & Fabrication

  • The area is clean, free from foreign bodies, debris and excess grease

  • End of line equipment including conveyors and metal detector are clean and free from debris internally and externally

  • Absence of selotape engineering

  • All floors and drains are clean and free from debris. Boot Wash has chemical and is dosing correctly

  • Cleaning equipment such as brushes are clean and stored on the correct shadow boards. CGEN 03.

  • Cleaning schedules are complete and up to date for daily, weekly and monthly tasks

  • Internal building fabrication such as walls and floors are in a good state of repair

Operator Asset Care

  • The Inkjet OAC schedule is up to date for daily, weekly and monthly tasks

  • The Logopak OAC schedule is up to date for daily, weekly and monthly tasks, label stocks have been replenished

  • The Filler OAC schedule is up to date for daily, weekly and monthly tasks


  • Area audits complete to schedule and evidently compliant with visual standards

  • Box erector tare checks are complete with evidence of 3 strips of glue and stored on the pallet for conformation

  • All SIC boards are up to date with actions when hourly targets have not been met

  • Any packaging which has an NCN has been removed from the area, including corridoor

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