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  • Location
  • Personnel

  • OSP 05-04

  • Select date

  • Inspected by?

  • Inspected by?

  • H & S Representative Signature

  • Manager / Coordinator Signature



  • Is the location and height adequate?

  • Is the type of sign appropirate?

  • Is testing of the unit up to date?


  • Are the relevant WH&S Policy and Procedures available and accessible?

  • Are the relevant WH&S Safe Work Procedures available and accessible?

  • Are the relevant Job Safety Analysis (JSA'S) available and accessible?

  • Are the relevant Safe Operating Procedures (SOP's) available and accessible?

  • Is the signage appropriately displayed and relevant?

  • Is the log book being filled out and up to date?

  • Is the layout and general housekeeping/condition adequate?

CHLORINE STORAGE AREA (Inside control shed)

  • Is the storage of drums acceptable?

  • Are containers correctly labelled?

  • Is there appropriate signage in the area?


  • Is the area tidy and organised?

  • Is access clear?

  • Is general area around tanks free from seeping and weeping liquid?

  • Has access to the large ladder been restricted? e.g. surrounding gate locked when site not being worked on?


  • Is the area tidy and is there clear access to the tanks?

  • Is the ground surface in good condition?

  • Does the wash down/emergency shower bay have clear access, working and with running water?


  • Are gates secure and lockable?

  • Is the height and width suitable?

  • Are padlocks in good condition?


  • Are ladders in good condition and adequate for the task?

  • Are ladders stored appropriately?

  • Are ladders in good condition and unauthorised access restricted where possible?


  • To be signed by WH&S Officer once inspection completed and checklist forwarded

  • Select date

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