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Plugs / Labels

  • Has the door got an identifying Q Mark plug inserted in the edge or top of the door?

  • Has the door got a BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door Scheme label on the top edge or just below the bottom hinge if it is a doorset?

  • If not, can you confirm that the door is in fact a fire door and has been certificated as such?

Door leaf

  • Is the door leaf approximately 44 mm thick?

  • Is the door leaf approximately 54 mm thick?

  • Is any transom considered fire resistant (glazed or other)?

  • Is the door leaf free from any damage, obvious repairs and alterations?

  • Does the door leaf sit against the doorstop and is it free from distortion?

  • Note: On older fire door installations they will have only 25mm door stops fitted and no smoke seals and it is therefore critical that the door closes evenly and properly against the stops.

  • Does the door close evenly against its stops without binding?

  • Is the door securely fixed on its hinges? (e.g. not dropping)

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Threshold gap

  • Is there a consistent gap under the door that allows it to swing without touching the floor covering?

  • Is the door to floor covering gap consistently 8 - 10mm (3mm if smoke seals are fitted) or less when the door is closed?

  • If the door leaf is fitted with a threshold seal, does the seal make contact with the floor covering when the door is closed?

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Combined intumescent strip and smoke seal

  • Intumescent and smoke seals Note: Single FD30 is afforded 1 x (10mm X 4mm ) strip. Single FD60 is afforded 2 X (10mm X 4mm) or a 20mm strip

  • Does the door or frame have smoke seals, comprising of brushes, bat wing or fin type seal? (Where required or select N/A)

  • If smoke seals are fitted are they in good condition, brushes not painted over and undamaged? (Where required or select N/A)

  • If smoke seals are fitted are they continuous around the frame or door leaf, only interrupted by hinges and door locks/latchs? (Where required or select N/A)

  • If fitted, do the smoke seals make contact with all the frame and door edges? <br>(To be viewed from the internal face). (where required or select N/A)

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Intumescent strip only

  • Where required, does the door or frame have intumescent seals fitted? (Or select N/A)

  • Where required, are the seals continuous around the frame or door leaf only interrupted by hinges and door locks/latchs? (Or select N/A)

  • Where required, are they in good condition, undamaged and if painted, have no more than four coats of paint on them? (Or select N/A)

  • Where required, are the seals well attached inside the groove in the frame or door leaf? (Or select N/A)

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Rebates / door stop

  • Is a 25mm rebate / door stop in place?

  • Is a 10mm rebate / door stop in place? (usually with an intumescent strip).

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Door Handles / Hinges / Self closers / Latches


  • Does the door leaf have 2 metal hinges?

  • Does the door leaf have 3 or more metal hinges?

  • Are all screws in place and is the screw head size suitable for the counter bore in the hinge?

  • Are the hinges securely fixed and without signs of rust or binding?

  • Are the hinges free from metal fragments (black dust) around the knuckle? (signs of the bearing coming to the end of its operational lifespan).

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Self closing devices & operation

  • Does the door fully close fully and squarely into the frame under the control of the fitted self closing device?

  • Does the door or doors close fully into the frame in between 15 and 25 seconds without slamming into the frame?

  • If opened to 5 degrees or 75mm. Does the door close fully and the latch engage?

  • Is the self closer securely fixed to the door and frame?

  • Is the closer fully functional and free from significant damage?

  • If the door is unlatched, does the closer hold the door in line with the frame and intumescent seal?

  • If hung in pairs, do the doors close in line if both opened and released together?

  • If hung in pairs and the doors have rebated leading edges, are they fitted with a fully functioning door selector?

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Handles & Latch

  • Is the door furniture firmly fixed and working correctly?

  • Are the door handles functioning correctly, do they return to the horizontal after use?

  • Does the latch hold the door firmly in place without rattling?

  • Does the latch bolt engage smoothly and completely into the strike?

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  • Are the vision panels in the door clear and unobstructed on both sides of the leaf? (Cross corridor doors).

  • Where required, can any glazing fitted in the door, surround or transom, be identified as fire resistant?

  • Is the glazing undamaged, properly bedded in and rattle free?

  • Are the glazing beads well attached to the frame and free from damage?

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Fire door inspection conclusion

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  • Metro House
    79-80 Blackfriars Road
    London SE1 8HA

    Telephone Metro Consultancy on 07525 887 884

    Metro SRM is not responsible for instigating the recommended remedial work specified in this risk assessment. It is the duty of the responsible person to action any significant findings and failure to do so may result in enforcement action by the enforcing authorities (Fire and Rescue Services).

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