Machine checks

MEWP Check List

  • Are all guards in position?

  • Is the machine structurally sound?

  • Is the parking break on and working?

  • Are all the decals in place and legible?
    (are all controls clearly marked?)

  • Are there any signs of leaks, Hydraulics, Fuel and Oil?

  • Add media

  • Are all hydraulic levels correct?

  • Are all hydraulic hoses in good condition?

  • Are the wheels in good condition?
    (Tyre Pressure, wheel nuts, etc)

  • Is the basket clean and free from defects and obstructions?

  • Are Harness anchor points in the basket in good condition?

  • Is there sufficient fuel/battery power?

  • Disconnect electrical supply.

  • Start Machine.

  • Are ALL emergency stop buttons in working order?

  • Are all the gauges and warning lights/audible alarm warning devices working correctly?

  • Are all the stabilizer legs deploying correctly?

  • Do ALL 4 foot plates (individually) activate alarm when raised in work mode?

  • Are there any leaks from the rams/hydraulic pipes when operating the machine?

  • Add media

  • Are all controls operating correctly

  • Are all the booms operating correctly?

  • Are the safety harnesses in good condition?

  • Is the emergency lowering system operating correctly?

  • Is the machine in safe working condition?

  • L.O.L.E.R Certificate in date?

  • Machine type: Nifty Lift 170

  • Owner of Machine: Longleat Enterprises, Grounds and Gardens Department.

  • Serial Number: 1720830


  • Assessor

  • Other

  • Operator

  • Other

Site Assessment

  • Ground Type

  • Other & Any Action Required

  • Terrain

  • Action required

  • Trip Hazzards

  • Action required

  • Services

  • Action required

  • Structures

  • Action required

  • Other site activities

  • Public access

  • What are the weather conditions?

  • Is the wind speed and direction at a safe level? Below 28mph

Emergency action plan

Emergency action plan

  • Location name and grid reference if known

  • Type of access

  • Nearest road.
    A362 picket post roundabout

  • Ambulance meeting point.
    Picket post - st842411
    Front house - st809430

  • Helicopter landing site grid reference.
    Park hill - st837433
    Lodge - st808428

  • Nearest landline telephone number.
    Both you - 01985 845 411/507
    Estate office - 01985 844 400

  • Radio call signs

  • Mobile phone signal strength

Sign Off

  • Date and time

  • Please sign here

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