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Cleaners and Microfibre

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Name of the Wing

Take a photo of the trolley

The trolley is set up with all correct coloured microfibre mops and dusters ?

The trolley has sufficient microfibre mops and cloths required to do the cleaning ?

The trolley has separate colour coded handle or / and base to differentiate between bed rooms and toilets Microfibre refill ?

The trolley has Microfibre duster ?

The trolley has water in a labelled spray bottle ?

The trolley has only R7 or DiversolCX , Crew or Gogetter , CCS Spotter or Perdium and room freshener stored ??

The used Microfibre clothes are stored and sent to the laundry for wash in the correct procedure ?


What colour microfibre handle and base do you use in any toilets and bathrooms ?

The correct answer is " Red " : Always use Red colour coded handle for Toilets and Bathrooms only. Blue handle is used for residents bedroom and common areas ( this includes dining room ) , Green colour code is used for food prep related area like kitchen and behind the servery counter etc.

How many bathroom and toilets can you use with red Microfibre cloth ?

The correct answer is " only 1 " : Always use only a new red Microfibre cloth to clean a new Bathroom, This applies for public area bathroom and toilets also. After finished cleaning one bathroom or toilets throw the soiled red Microfibre cloth in the wash and take a new red one for the next bathroom or toilet.

What chemicals are allowed to use with Microfibre cloth or Microfibre mops ?

The correct answer is " None " : Microfibre is not meant to be used with any chemicals . Chemicals will damage the Microfibre cloth.
If you have to use chemicals eg: R7 around the wash basin tap , use it and remove all the chemical residue using paper hand towels before using Microfibre cloths

At the time of Outbreak what cleaning methods do you use ?

The correct answer is " no Microfibre " : when the facility is declared with an outbreak then confirm the correct room number and wing that has been declared as an outbreak.
Clean all the other rooms and wings that are not affected by outbreak, then store all the Microfibre clothes and mops away on store.
Use the YELLOW colour coded cleaning clothes and mops and use with OXIVIOR chemical only. Always do the outbreak last before you finish your shift.


Overall rating on Microfibre based cleaning given by the staff member out of 10 ? ( 1 is the least efficient to 10 is the most efficient )

The feedback given by the staff is

Positive things about Microfibre cleaning method ?

Negative things about using Microfibre cleaning method ?

What can we do to make this work better ?

Positive and negative comments about using microfibre ?

What can we do to make this work better ?

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Laundry and Microfibre

Microfibre clothes and mops are laundered in correct temperature ?

Microfibre mops and clothes are stored appropriately ?

The cleaning staff coordinate with laundry in collection and return of Microfibre clothes ?

The catering staff coordinate with laundry staff in collection and return of Microfibre clothes ?

The overall feedback given by the Laundry staff about Microfibre is

Positive things about Microfibre that are related to laundry ?

Negative things about using Microfibre that are related to the Laundry ?

What can we do to make this work better ?

Positive and negative comments about using microfibre that are related to the Laundry ?

What can we do to make this work better ?

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Servery and Microfibre

Does the Facility has any servery or serveries ?


Name of the Servery

The servery has a green super swish spray mop handle in use with clean refill ready to use ?

The reason why the servery doesn't have the mop handle ?

The mop handle is in good condition ?

Why is the mop handle not in good condition ?

The handle has a clean mop attached to the handle and in a ready to use condition ?

The reason for not having the mop refill attached to the handle ?

The servery is visibly clean ?

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Chemical Storage Room

An updated MSDS Register available within the room ?

PPE kit available in the room?

Minimal cleaning chemicals are stored that are appropriate to be used when microfibre is used on site ?

Is there a tangible reduction in the chemicals ordered from before implementing Microfiber to now ?

There should be a reduction in chemicals as the only chemicals now in use should be Crew , R7 or Diversol Cx , Airfreshner and Perdium.

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Person interviewed about the feed back of the micro fibre

Does the place look visibly clean ?

Do you find any difference in the cleanliness level from the past 8 weeks to now ?

Any other comments about Microfibre ?

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